Morocco and the United States celebrate the 20th edition of the African Lion

The joint military manoeuvres will last until 31 May
Ejercicios militares African Lion - PHOTO/FILE
African Lion military exercises - PHOTO/FILE
  1. A special edition with the participation of 20 partner countries
  2. Exchange of tactics, operations and procedures
  3. African Lion meetings

Morocco and the United States represent one of the strongest alliances - if not the strongest - in North Africa. The Rabat-Washington tandem sets the pace in the MENA region in several sectors. Their cooperation in military matters, now evidenced by the holding of the twentieth edition of the African Lion 2024 manoeuvres, is just one example of the close ties that bind the Alawite kingdom to the White House.

A special edition with the participation of 20 partner countries

Last Monday, delegates from the participating countries took part in the opening ceremony of African Lion 2024 in Agadir. Major General Mohammed Benlouali, Chief of Staff of the Southern Zone, and Major General Todd R. Wasmund co-chaired the event, which, in addition to the participation of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Morocco (FAR) and the United States Armed Forces, was attended by up to 7,000 armed forces from 20 countries and NATO representatives.

Ejercicio de inserción rápida HIMARS durante las maniobras African Lion, en Agadir, Marruecos - PHOTO/TWITTER/UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
HIMARS rapid insertion exercise during the African Lion manoeuvres in Agadir, Morocco - PHOTO/TWITTER/UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS

Mohammed Benlouali describes the partnership between Morocco and the United States as "fruitful cooperation, distinguished partnership and unwavering dedication to the values of peace and security". Moreover, these manoeuvres are a sign of commitment to this alliance, which they hope to continue to expand, as they have been doing in recent years. Above all, because the United States is optimistic about the growth forecast for Morocco, which it says "will always remain the cradle of the African Lion".

Exchange of tactics, operations and procedures

This edition will take place in up to five different locations (Benguerir, Agadir, Tan-Tan, Akka and Tifnit), where a wide range of activities will take place. From land, sea and air tactical exercises to some special forces exercises. They also detail that there will be "scheduled day and night air operations and operational planning exercises for Task Force officers".

But that is not all. Other areas are also addressed, such as "combating weapons of mass destruction and a wide range of medical, surgical and social services". The latter are provided in particular to the population of the Akka region by a field hospital.

African Lion meetings

Celeste Wallander, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, was received by Moroccan officials for a meeting at which the US Ambassador to Morocco, Puneet Talwar, was also present. After the meeting, both sides stressed the strength and, in particular, the durability of the strong ties between the United States and Morocco.

They took the opportunity to express the willingness of both countries to further deepen their relations in the short term. They also expressed their satisfaction with the results that have led to development in various areas, focusing on this occasion on the military aspect, reflected in this African Lion 2024.