The Moroccan Secretary General of Transport, Khalid Cherkaoui, values the meeting held in the islands and stresses that Morocco has already improved its logistic and port infrastructures to favor connectivity

Morocco considers that the maritime line of Tarfaya will boost economic, social and cultural relations between Morocco and the Canary Islands

El secretario general de Transporte de Marruecos, Khalid Cherkaoui
Morocco's Secretary General for Transport, Khalid Cherkaoui

The Moroccan Secretary General of Transport, Khalid Cherkaoui, considers that the launching of the maritime line between the Canary Islands and Tarfaya will boost economic, social and cultural relations between the islands and the Alawi country.

Khalid Cherkaoui participated this week in a meeting between the Moroccan government and the Canary Islands institutions to discuss the reopening of the maritime line that will link the islands and Tarfaya.

Cherkaoui thanked the Canary Islands government for the invitation and stressed the importance of this maritime line between Puerto del Rosario and the Port of Tarfaya, which will connect the Canary Islands with the south of Morocco. 

He also explained that "Morocco has already invested in logistic, port and road infrastructures to improve connectivity. The air connection already exists and now, with the maritime line, we will be able to increase the opportunities between both territories". 

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After three days of intense work, the visit concluded on Friday with a first-hand visit to Puerto del Rosario, in Fuerteventura. In addition, he held a meeting with the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, the Chamber of Commerce and other public and private actors involved.

On Thursday, the Secretary General, accompanied by the Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Canary Islands, Fatiha El Kamouri, met with the President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, in an appointment that was also attended by the delegate of the Government of Spain in the islands, Anselmo Pestana; the Minister of Public Works, Housing and Mobility, Pablo Rodriguez, the Director General of Relations with Africa, Luis Padilla; and the delegate of Proexca in Morocco, Elvira Butler.

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During the meeting they were able to visit the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas and the facilities of Hamilton y Cia.