Several hundred files with Jihadist content and military training manuals have been seized from him

The National Police arrest a madrasa-teacher imam in Madrid for his pro-DAESH activity

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The detainee helped a DESA terrorist returning from Syria, who had no previous links with our country, to settle in Spain and was arrested in December 2018 by agents of the General Information Commissariat. Following the operation he was seized of several hundred files with Jihadist content and military training manuals. The arrested man consumed abundant material praising Jihadist martyrdom.

Agents of the National Police have arrested an individual in the town of Getafe (Madrid) for his alleged participation in the crimes of integration into a terrorist organisation, recruitment and indoctrination of third parties in Jihadist doctrine. The investigators have confirmed how this individual, of Takfiri ideology, was fully adhering to the postulates of the DAESH terrorist organisation and had been carrying out continuous recruitment and indoctrination of third parties through social networks.

The police investigation, which was carried out jointly by agents of the General Information Commissariat and the Provincial Information Brigade of Madrid, was coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Audiencia Nacional and directed by the Central Court of Instruction number one. This morning, the detainee was taken into custody.

Atalayar_ detenci贸n daesh madrid

For this, the agents have had the collaboration of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) - at national level - and the Directorate General for Territorial Surveillance (DGST) of the Kingdom of Morocco, at international level.

During the operation, which took place last Thursday, a search of the arrested person's home was also carried out, involving numerous electronic materials, telephone terminals and documentation, which are being analysed by the agents.

Helped a combatant returning from a conflict zone to settle in Spain.The investigation started more than two years ago when the presence of a DESA member returned from Syria was detected in Spain.

In the summer of 2018, the aforementioned terrorist arrived in Spain, where he lived in Catalonia until, in December 2018, he was arrested by agents of the General Information Commissariat.

After investigating his contacts, a Moroccan citizen was found to be an imam and a teacher in a children's madrasa in a mosque in Getafe. The researchers found that in his daily life he showed himself to be integrated into the life of the city of Madrid and concealed his true radical ideology.

Atalayar_ detenci贸n daesh madrid

His activity on the Internet showed that he was a follower of DAESH and that he was self-conscious about the continued consumption of hundreds of Jihadist propaganda files praising martyrdom after the execution of attacks. He also had Jihadist military self-training manuals.

His activity in the Network led him to obtain a large number of contacts from members of DAESH located in a conflict zone, one of them being the returned terrorist arrested in Catalonia, whom he helped to travel to our country by providing logistical support.

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