In the speech on Western Sahara

Peruvian internationalist asks the UN to deactivate MINURSO

Ricardo Sánchez Serra
Ricardo Sánchez Serra

"The IV United Nations Committee on Decolonisation should recommend to the Security Council to revoke the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), as it no longer has any reason to exist, to give way to the Blue Helmets, to maintain peace, and its Committee to promote the autonomy offered by Morocco, thus ending the suffering of the Saharawi people held captive in Tindouf", the Peruvian journalist and internationalist, Ricardo Sánchez Serra, pointed out.

These words were made during his intervention before the UN Committee. 

He also told the Committee that Algeria should assume its responsibility and sit at the round table process to reach a definitive solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, on the basis of the Moroccan autonomy initiative, which the Security Council considers to be the most serious, credible and realistic basis.

"More than 30 years after the end of the Cold War, the UN is still examining the question of the Moroccan Sahara, due to the strategy of the host country in the Tindouf camps, Morocco's neighbour, and which is the main party in this regional dispute", expressed the Peruvian journalist.  

"It was this country that created the Polisario, with the help of the Gaddafi regime, in 1973, with geopolitical interests in the region and to undermine the culmination of the territorial integrity of Morocco, which, after its independence, was recovering its territory, which corresponded to it, legally and historically", Sánchez Serra argued.

Ricardo Sánchez Serra
Ricardo Sánchez Serra

Fifty years later," he continued, "we are still facing this dispute and with tremendous violations of international humanitarian law in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, and serious violations of human rights denounced on two occasions by the UN Human Rights Committee".

He indicated that the host state, neighbouring Morocco, has delegated its authority over the camps to the Polisario Front, an armed separatist group; if the UN allows the Polisario to be in the talks, it is only because it has 40,000 Saharawis kidnapped, because nobody elected it as the representative of the kidnapped population.  

Referring to Algeria, he pointed out that "this state, a neighbour of Morocco, has the Tindouf camps as a gigantic prison, without freedom of movement for the Saharawi abductees". 

"I have to tell you, ambassadors, that I had the privilege of being in the hell of Tindouf, and I know this sad reality, and I was also in Dakhla, where the Saharawis do breathe freedom, elect their authorities freely and have hope for life. I respectfully suggest that this Committee visit these two regions in situ to verify the veracity of my assertions. And then no one will be able to tell tall tales," the Peruvian internationalist stressed. 

He asked the ambassadors who are members of the IV Committee not to be just passing members, with recurring resolutions, but to make history, to go down in history with admirable resolutions, such as the aforementioned recommendations. 

He also suggested that the IV Committee should recognise that the Saharawis exercise their right to self-determination by participating in the democratic process in Morocco, and that, therefore, the Committee should remove the Sahara issue from its agenda.