The detainee follows the takfiri doctrine, according to the DGSN

La Policía detiene en Marruecos a un miembro de Daesh listo para atacar

Moroccan law enforcement forces arrested today in Tetouan, in the north of the country, a suspected jihadist, a supporter of the terrorist group DAESH who was planning to carry out an attack in the Maghreb country. 

According to the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ, the anti-terrorist body), the 36-year-old extremist was arrested "for his alleged involvement in the planning and preparation of a terrorist action to seriously undermine public order". 

The same source added that the arrested man follows the "takfiri" doctrine (which consists of declaring a Muslim an infidel and apostate in order to justify his killing), and incited to consider Moroccan society and representatives of the authorities and the forces of law and order as infidels.

The arrested man was "very active" on social networks that advocate extremist ideology and call for terrorist attacks against people and public and private infrastructure, the statement said. The BCIJ added that the police operation involved personnel from the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance and officers from the Judicial Police. 

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