Brahim Ghali threatened the Spaniards during his interview on a Spanish television programme

The Saharawi Movement for Peace responds to Brahim Ghali's threats in Spanish media

The Saharawi Movement for Peace, in response to the latest statements of the Polisario leader in the Spanish media, issues the statement reproduced here. 

The Polisario's threats will only precipitate its inclusion in the black list.

In relation to the statements of the Polisario leader, Brahim Ghali to the Spanish media threatening Spain to pay the bill for its new position and those of its military chief calling for actions and attacks in the cities of Western Sahara, the MSP expresses its strongest rejection to this unfortunate language which will only lead to prolong the conflict and the sufferings of the Saharawi people. 

While reiterating its support for the willingness of the current Spanish government to contribute to the peaceful solution of the Sahara problem in accordance with its historical responsibilities, the Saharawi Movement for Peace (MSP) considers that the recourse to threats and violent actions in urban centres is a proof of the failure of the military way and the wrong decision taken by the Polisario leadership in late 2020 when it decided to unilaterally break with the ceasefire in force since 1991.

 On the other hand, the MSP considers that the threats of Islamic jihadism and its violent methods do not fit in with the idiosyncrasy and culture of the Saharawi society and will only precipitate the inclusion of the Polisario on the blacklist of terrorist groups and will cast suspicion on any Saharawi in all corners of the world. 
Press Committee of the MSP. 

Madrid, 24 May 2022

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