Las víctimas españolas del terrorismo del Polisario piden la detención inmediata de Brahim Ghali

El día - Press clippings on the attacks of the Polisario Front against Spaniards

Spanish victims of terrorist acts perpetrated by Polisario separatists demanded the immediate arrest of Brahim Ghali, admitted in a hospital in Logroño, near Zaragoza, under a false identity and with forged documents to escape Spanish justice.

"Being the subject of a search and arrest warrant for the attacks he committed", Brahim Ghali "must be arrested immediately by the Spanish authorities" underlines the Canary Association of Victims of Terrorism (Acavite) in a statement, condemning his "illegal entry" in Spain.
The head of the separatists is accused of "assassinations against Canarian workers" in the Sahara territory, as well as of ordering "murders, mass kidnappings and disappearances of crews on the high seas of Canarian sailors in the decades from 1973 to the end of 1986", the association affirms.
With the support of the National Federation of Victims of Spain, of which it is a member, Acavite, which brings together the relatives of more than 300 victims of Polisario terrorism, denounces the decision of the Spanish authorities to authorize "the illegal admission and hospitalization in a public hospital" of a notorious criminal who murdered Spanish citizens.

Lucía Jiménez acavite

On the basis of these arguments, the Association demands that "the arrest of Brahim Gali by the Audiencia Nacional be made effective as soon as possible".
"Likewise, we ask Justice, the Government of Spain and ministries involved, to comply as soon as possible with their duty to attend to the Canary Islands victims of terrorism and not to the murderers of the Polisario Front", underlines the Acavite, who accuses the Spanish Government of participating in a "whitewashing of the terrorist actions of Brahim Gali, under the pretext of illness and alleged humanitarian reasons".
"The Canary Islands victims of terrorism affected by the terrorist attacks promoted and conceived by the Polisario leader, Brahim Gali, do not want to let pass in silence, the humiliation and contempt that means for the affected families, the presence of this murderer", concludes the document.
The Spanish fishing boats Cruz del Mar and Mencey de Abona were the object of attacks by the Polisario militias during the 70s and 80s in the area between the Sahara and the Canary Islands, which caused the death of several Canary fishermen.

Brahim Ghali, lider del Frente Polisario

Another victim of the Polisario, the Spanish political scientist, Pedro Ignacio Altamirano, filed on Saturday a complaint through his lawyer before the examining magistrate of the court of Malaga against Brahim Ghali.
Altamirano accuses the head of the separatists of being the instigator of the death threats addressed to him by the Polisario militias through social networks, and demands the immediate arrest of Brahim Ghali for death threats and defamation.
This is the second complaint filed before the Spanish courts against the Polisario leader. The defense of the Saharawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights ASADEDH has asked the Spanish authorities to activate the European arrest warrant issued against Brahim Ghali.

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