First cases in Spain and 71,000 deaths in the US from the use of this lethal drug

US ambassador urges working with Spain to curb fentanyl use in Europe

The US ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Julissa Reynoso, recently gave a presentation at the Ateneo de Madrid on the need to bring in a resolution that generates new mechanisms (including Mexico and China) to commit all nations to the fight against fentanyl trafficking, this new drug that is causing so many deaths in her country, as well as stopping its arrival in Europe. During the conference "Spain and the US: global partners in multilateralism" at the Ateneo de Madrid, Julissa Reynoso answered questions posed by Antena 3 journalist Carina Verd煤. 

Certainly, it was made clear in the constructive dialogue between the Spanish journalist and the American ambassador that the population must be made aware of the daily fight against this narcotic that is beginning to be introduced into Europe, so all warnings are too few. Prevention, investment in health and security are essential to avoid a possible health crisis. "It is a huge tragedy and the leading cause of death in the United States between the ages of 18 and 45". It has become a priority item on the government's agenda: how to work to manage, before it gets worse." 

In other matters, the plenipotentiary confirmed US President Joe Biden's commitment to support global policies with cooperation factors to eradicate poverty. She also alluded to her President's proposal to reform the UN Security Council and increase the number of its members. 

When asked about the treaty with Spain on the migration issue, signed on 27 April (Spain, together with Mexico and Canada, will participate in the US government's programme to direct people with the intention of migrating to regular channels), Julissa Reynoso, a New Yorker of Dominican origin, gave a presentation on Washington's initiative to dedicate all its efforts to new mechanisms to mitigate the humanitarian crisis, and where the government of Pedro S谩nchez plays an essential role in contributing to generating an organised path.  

Bilateral relations between the two countries are experiencing a good moment, given that progress has been made on certain issues, he said. "We have many values in common that make us move forward on a joint agenda," she said. 

Until now, the First Lady's Chief of Staff, involved in issues of Equality, Migration and Family Integration, and educated at the best universities in the world in Political Science and Law, emphasised the good harmony with the Spanish Executive because they share the same vision of the world and support many of Biden's decisions: climate change, the fight for gender equality, civil rights and concern for Latin America and the Caribbean

To the question on climate change and the executive order on the US government's return to the Paris Agreement, Plenipotentiary Julissa Reynoso said she was deeply proud of her nation's firm commitment to humanity to reduce gas emissions and to have taken historic steps within the legislative framework. 

casa real rey embajadora usa

When asked if she saw a way out of the Ukrainian conflict soon, given the existence of voices in Congress (the pro-Trump wing) that are beginning to show that they are fed up with the war, Julissa Reynoso said that the commitment remains intact. Despite these minorities, the Biden administration knows that it faces many challenges, which is why it has faith in continuing to provide aid to Ukraine. "There are people who criticise this support, but that's democracy," she said. 

On how she would like to be remembered once her mission in Spain comes to an end, the Ambassador of the USA and Andorra in Madrid emphasised her work "hand in hand" as a public servant in bringing countries and their institutions closer together.  

Likewise, she did not want to say goodbye at the Ateneo without mentioning what she said was "her sister", Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, a hard worker, with a great soul, President Biden's right-hand man, and who has not given up her job as a teacher at a technical school in Virginia.

Carmen Chamorro, CIP and ACPE/Diplomado en Relaciones Internacionales por la SEI 

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