The national security services in the port of Tangier-Med, in coordination with the Spanish security services, have seized a tonne and a half of cocaine

Moroccan and Spanish Security Forces dismantle a drug trafficking operation in the port of Tangier-Med

This operation was carried out in close coordination with the Spanish security services, in the framework of joint operational cooperation relations for the fight against international cocaine trafficking operations and the neutralisation of the dangers and threats of cross-border organised crime networks, according to the statement of the National Security Branch (NHB).
They have successfully seized one tonne and 480 kilograms of cocaine. This quantity, consisting of 1,277 platelets, was seized in a container on board a maritime transport vessel flying the flag of a European state, coming from one of the ports in the South American region and destined for the Turkish port in the region, according to the source.

At the same time, the judicial policy services are responsible for investigating the supervision of the competent tax system. This is intended to identify all persons involved in this criminal network as well as its regional and international ramifications and connections, a statement said.

Una operación para la seguridad marroquí en la lucha contra el tráfico internacional de drogas
AL ARAB - Una operación para la seguridad marroquí en la lucha contra el tráfico internacional de drogas

This is not the first time that Morocco and Spain have shown their great cooperation in this field. In fact, according to many analysts, one of the keys to Spanish security in terms of drug trafficking is due to this partnership with Rabat, to which must also be added collaboration in the control of irregular migration and the fight against organised crime. 

Morocco has long pursued a strategy based on increased surveillance of border areas to prevent trafficking. However, its fight against drug trafficking has a holistic vision that also seeks to reduce the demand for narcotics itself. To this end, preventive measures are being taken such as disinfection campaigns and continued vigilance in public places, including cafes, amusement parks and theatres frequented by young people and minors, as well as awareness-raising campaigns on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction, especially among students.