Mohammed V University is among the 4.9% of the best universities in the world, according to the CWUR ranking

Morocco's Mohammed V University is the top-ranked university in the Maghreb in a world ranking

PHOTO/WAM – Imagen de universidad marroquí
photo_camera PHOTO/WAM - Image by Moroccan University

Every year, the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) ranks the 2,000 best universities in the world, selected from more than 20,000. Mohammed V University is very well positioned, being for the third time in a row the first in the Maghreb area and also at national level against the University of Cadi Ayyad, the University Hassan II of Casablanca and the University Mohammed I of Oujda, also ranked. 

The ranking is based on four indicators for the organisation, which are the quality of research, the quality of training, university graduates holding important positions in large companies and internationally awarded academic staff. With this in mind, the world's top 5 is once again occupied by universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, with Harvard University topping the list, followed by the Massachusetts Institute, Stanford University, Cambridge University and finally Oxford University. 

The Middle East region also occupies good positions, mainly the universities of Israel, with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at number 67 in the ranking. The second country in this region is Saudi Arabia with its King Abdulaziz University and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 261st and 287th place respectively.  

Internationally, Mohammed V University is ranked 950th in the rankings and 11th in the Arab and African rankings, forming part of the top 4.9% of the world's best universities in the 2022-2023 edition. The president of Mohammed V University, Farid El Bacha, proudly congratulated all members of the institution for this good ranking, particularly the research professors, administrators and technicians for their efforts in the field of research and innovation. 

The Mohammed V University, located in Rabat, was founded in 1920 with the creation of its scientific institute, although it was not until 1957 that it was established as such. The university was divided between Agdal and Souissi, and was later reunited in 2015, but the campuses remained separate. Agdal currently houses the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law and Economics. Souissi is home to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Faculty of Dentistry and the National Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Analysis.  

Its top-rated major, computer science and engineering, led to its first success of the year in January, when the university won an award in Egypt in the category of "best Arab government project for education development". It was recognised for the development of a mechanism to improve the management of doctoral pre-registration, facilitating the processing of applications and creating a policy focused on the adoption of practices that respect the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly in terms of reducing paper use and energy consumption. The system also helped to reduce costs and speed up the processing of files. 

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