The 14th edition of the longest rally in the Alawi country starts in Madrid as a test of the new bilateral relations between Spain and Morocco

Raid Tanja Lagouira: el apoyo al acuerdo entre España y Marruecos

photo_camera PHOTO - Raid Tanja-Lagouira

Everything is ready for the Raid Tanja Lagouira to kick off one of the longest rallies in Morocco. A commitment to solidarity, adventure, trade and tourism in the more than 6,000 kilometres of route throughout the country.

The rally will start in Madrid on the 1st of November and will run from the north to the south of Morocco until it ends in Dakhla on the 13th of the same month, all organised by NORD SUD ACTION (Moroccan Association for Communication, Socio-economic Development and Investment Incentive).  

This is how Omar El Alaoui el Balrhiti, founding president of the NORD SUD ACTION Association and vice-president of the Regional Tourism Council of the Dakhla-Rio d'Oro Region, described this sporting event at a press conference in Madrid. The exhibition of the Raid Tanja Lagouira showed all the opportunities offered by the provinces of Morocco, from enjoying the landscapes of the whole country, knowing the investment in the region and, above all, contributing to the development of the Moroccan Sahara through charitable aid to the population.


Solidarity is a key point of the rally, and one that Omar El Alaoui has made a special point of emphasising. All the participants will be able to help the local populations by distributing clothes, medicines, water or even financially. Since the start of this 4x4 route, the social actions carried out have exceeded 9,200 items of clothing distributed, more than 370 children in critical economic circumstances have been cared for, more than 45 income-generating activities have been registered for the benefit of people with reduced mobility, and 5 schools have been provided with computer equipment.  

However, one of the greatest aids for the region is to invest here to further promote Moroccan-led development. Regions such as Dakhla have seen their development increase exponentially in recent years. The commitment to fishing, the canning industries, the tourism sector and even the sports sector are evidence of the economic development in these southern provinces.


Raid Tanja Lagouira has been running for 14 editions since the initiative began, but this latest edition has a notable novelty: the recognition of the Moroccan nature of the Sahara by the Spanish government. This historic event has meant, among other things, the recovery of bilateral relations between the two countries.

This is why, at the presentation, Omar El Alaoui stressed the partnership of the Moroccan Embassy in Spain, an important sign of support for the implementation of the commitments and agreements signed by the two Kingdoms. "In this edition, for the first time, members of the embassy will bring their families as a sign of goodwill among the agreements reached," said Omar. So much so that this edition begins precisely in the Spanish capital.


In any case, the rally also has various activities to do along the route. The participants, all those who want to and have a 4x4 vehicle, will be able to enjoy the landscapes, dunes, beaches and oasis, learn sports such as kitesurfing or sailing, go quad biking, fishing or take part in a raffle.   

All of this without worrying about safety during the entire route. Omar also mentioned the improvement of technical problems that may have occurred in past editions of the Raid, especially with the improvement of the vehicles themselves.


Omar El Alaoui el Balrhiti concluded the press conference by thanking those present for their attendance and encouraging all those who wish to participate in this Raid Tanja Lagouira, an opportunity that offers "adventure, solidarity, friendship, discovery and investment". You can register to take part by clicking on the following link: 

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