Saudi Arabia is continuing its drive towards innovation in line with the Vision 2030 programme by announcing the creation of a National Institute for Health Research

Saudi Arabia announces the creation of a National Institute for Health Research

PHOTO/FILE - Mohamed bin Salman, príncipe heredero de Arabia Saudí
photo_camera PHOTO/FILE - Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Last week, the Saudi authorities announced the creation of a new national health institute to facilitate medical research and clinical trials. 鈥淩esearch will add value by transforming results into health and economic benefits to improve the quality of life,鈥 said Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel. 

Indeed, the main objective of this new institute is to promote the value of translational research - the reciprocal transfer of knowledge from research carried out in the laboratory to the one applied at the patient's bedside - which has a crucial role to play in transforming the country's health sector.  

PHOTO/AGENCIA DE PRENSA SAUD脥 - El rey Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud de Arabia Saud铆 preside una reuni贸n gubernamental por videoconferencia
PHOTO/SAUDI PRESS AGENCY - Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud chairs a government meeting via videoconference.

In addition, the institute will contribute to the prevention of health risks, in line with the objectives set by the Vision 2030 and Health Sector Transformation programmes. These two projects, which include the objective of providing quality healthcare for all, aim to fundamentally reform the Saudi economy and society, transforming the Kingdom from an oil state to a productive economy based on industrial manufacturing.

According to data from Business France, the Saudi government has already increased its health budget by 10.5 % compared to 2017, accounting for 15 % of the total budget at USD 32.9bn. Although dependent on foreign supply, this market represents the third largest item of government expenditure

Fahd Al-Jalajel also stated that the National Institute of Health will prioritise healthcare needs, so that patients and healthcare providers can benefit from better care. Research findings will be used to help improve health standards

This new organisation will help to increase national income by developing locally manufactured products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In particular, it will help pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to develop innovative new products. This strategy will reduce overall healthcare costs by attracting global investors and raising funds for research

AP/JON GAMBRELL - Todo ello demuestra una vez m谩s la implicaci贸n de Arabia Saud铆 en su objetivo de consolidar un sistema econ贸mico fuerte y diversificado, que cada vez dependa menos del petr贸leo
AP/JON GAMBRELL - This once again demonstrates Saudi Arabia's commitment to its goal of building a strong and diversified economic system that is less and less dependent on oil.

The Saudi Minister of Health also stated that this project will be supported by the creation of other centres to support the Research Institute, such as the Saudi Patient Safety Centre, the National Public Health Laboratory and the National Centre for Health Emergency Operations.  

鈥淭he institute is seen as one of the initiatives in the health sector transformation programme, as this decision completes the health transformation journey that began with the launch of Saudi Vision 2030,鈥 said Al-Jalajel. 

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