The announcement was made in an official communiqué

Spanish-speaking Moroccan journalists create an association to promote Morocco's image in Spain and Latin America

PHOTO/AFP/FADEL SENNA - Un hombre marroquí echa un vistazo a la portada de un número del diario Al Ahdath Al Maghribia
photo_camera PHOTO/AFP/FADEL SENNA - A Moroccan man glances at the cover of an issue of the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia

The Moroccan Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists has been formed, as announced through an official communiqué distributed by representatives of various public and private Spanish-speaking media: 

The official communiqué is reproduced below: 

Even though we remain a minority as Spanish-speaking Moroccan journalists, our voice could reach more than 600 million people residing in more than 23 countries across the planet.  

On the first of December 2023, representatives of different Spanish-speaking public and private media: television, radio, print and electronic media have met and founded the Moroccan Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists.  

This initiative coincides with the joint celebration between Morocco, Spain and Portugal of the 2030 World Cup. A historic and major event that requires the involvement of all journalists with different languages to bring the voice and image of the Kingdom to the whole world.  

In this context, our association aims to promote the image of the Kingdom of Morocco at a political, economic, touristic, cultural, artistic and sporting level at a time when Morocco is committed to strengthening and consolidating the Atlantic façade in order to open up to the world.  

The Spanish language could be the perfect key and the most appropriate key to access new markets and peoples eager to discover the riches and civilisation of the Kingdom of Morocco, a modern and traditional country. At the same time, proud of its heritage and identity.  

As an association, the defence of the rights of Spanish-speaking journalists and training are two lighthouse objectives in the daily work of this association, which will devote an important space to the territorial unity of the Kingdom and to the monitoring of all the news published by the Spanish and Latin American press on Morocco.   

Our association will also have as its mission the organisation of various events of different kinds inside and outside the Kingdom. The General Assembly of our association determined an executive composed of: 

  • Houria Boutayeb, from SNRT Television as president.  
  • Ismail El Khouaja, from Rue20 Spanish, and Oumayma Zreida, from SNRT Radio, as vice-presidents.   
  • The Treasurer will be Toufiq Slimani, from Rue20 Spanish, and Nadia Boudra, from Amazigh World, as Vice-Treasurer.   
  • As for the General Secretariat, Meryem El Mohafide and Nidal Bouhmala of SNRT Television will be in charge. 
  • Ahmed Abdelouhab Reddam, from the Map agency, and Ahmed Echaqoury, from, have been appointed councillors of the association. 

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