The whole world was waiting to see the reaction of the North African team if, as expected, the French took the lead and Regragui's team had to take the initiative

Football has not been fair to Morocco

REUTERS/KAI PFAFFENBACH - Sofyan Amrabat, Morocco player

The matches against Spain and Portugal had not shown us the great potential of this team. 

Against Spain, the Africans seemed to fall asleep, like all the spectators, with Luis Enrique's touch and touch and touch and touch and touch. Order, sacrifice and flashes of quality took them to penalties. A penalty shoot-out that they faced with determination and skill.

Against Portugal there was a bit more luck and a little help from the Portuguese goalkeeper to take the lead and not have to take unnecessary risks.

Always without losing order, sacrifice and under the leadership of Amrabat and Ounahi. The latter, unknown to Luis Enrique. His arrogance made him not inform himself and study the opposing players.


The semi-final against the world champions was expected to be on the French side. 

It started badly for the Atlas Lions after a mistake in the Moroccan defence. A defender got out of position and dislocated a defence that was already depleted by injuries and the French did not waste it. Five minutes in and the game was going uphill and even more so when their captain was injured. 

Up to that point Morocco had shown themselves to be one of the best defences in the World Cup. It seemed that Deschamps' men would subdue the Africans and it would be a match controlled by them. It was not to be. For the remainder of the first half Morocco settled defensively and occasionally came out on the counter-attack with danger. 

Although Giroud had two chances, the clearest chance was for Morocco in a spectacular El Yamiq bicycle kick that hit the post. Had it gone in it would have been the best goal of the World Cup. 


The second half was all Morocco. Their coach at half-time changed the way they played, taking risks and only bad luck kept them away from an equaliser. Morocco controlled the game by combining measured passes and calmly working their way forward until they had several chances to score. 

If there is one thing this team lacks, it is a goal scorer. If they had one, they would have had no limit, thanks to their great ambition, order and hard work. 

But they were up against Messi's rival for the best player of the World Cup: Kylian Mbappé. He created a great move inside the box and with the luck of a champion he set up his team-mate Muani to score the second goal into an empty net. 


Morocco continued to push hard to take the initiative and had France pinned back. They also managed to stop Mbappé on the counter-attacks. The lions kept trying, but football was not fair to them. They had two more clear chances, but lacked the vision to put them away. 

A great performance by Morocco, playing very good football, they were not only the hope of Africa and the Arab world in the semi-finals of the World Cup. They were and they made millions of people enjoy it. In all parts of the world they have left a magnificent sensation and a large part of the fans wished for the victory of the Atlas Lions. 

African and Arab football has its greatest exponent with Morocco and this generation of players have made the whole football world enjoy their quality, effort, order and sportsmanship. 


They will continue to be at the top of international competitions because they have been working hard for many years and with humility they have reached a high level. From now on, Morocco will be one of the teams to beat. Respecting Argentina, France, Brazil or Croatia. 

This year, Argentina or France will win, but the revelation of the World Cup is undoubtedly Morocco, and they will be among the favourites at the next World Cup.