Discontinuous honours

We begin at the end because the end, as Woody Allen taught us, is impossible. The socialists are not corrupt; they are honest and discontinuous. Tito S√°nchez (TS) has been blown up by a second Canarian volcano: Tito Berni (TB).  Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo is the penultimate cacique of the islands who gave himself 130,000 euros in livestock subsidies and who, in the best exercise of nepotism, placed his useless nephew Taishet Fuentes as director general of Livestock. 

The Fuentes Curbelo family is a socialist saga that has controlled the party for three decades. "We are all Berni", the socialists can proudly claim. "No one will be left behind". Let us remember that Don Pedro endorsed all the candidacies (and the stowaways) of the XIV Legislature.


In the PSOE they follow the tradition of stealing public and private money by the handful of Prieto and Negr√≠n; of Roldan, Filesa, Malesa, Time Sport, Cruz Roja, La Expo, the EREs of Ch√°vez and Gri√Īan, the shady deals of Urralburu and co; the German "convolutes" of the AVE, the Andalusian training courses, (in the company of UGT and Comisiones), the gifts of Ximo in Valencia, the protection of the benefited ex-husband of Monica Oltra for abusing a minor under guardianship, the bribes in Venezuela of ambassador Morodo (and family), the scandal of the purchase of referees by Barcelona F. C. (Albert Soler Sicilia (PSC), INDRA, and now, the other Cumbre Vieja volcano: Tito Berni, the one who preached principles and values for the progressive Spain of Pedro S√°nchez.

Ten months of hypocrisy

In the midst of the coronavirus' encirclement by S√°nchez's unconstitutional decrees, the sanchista deputy TB "dazzled" businessmen with the pilgrimage to Congress. I have lived in the Palaces of Congress and the Senate for almost twenty years of my life and I know perfectly well the impression that these temples of national sovereignty make on visitors. The menu is cheap and you always see a famous parliamentarian or minister. And then, the night in Ramses and in the whorehouses. The girls from the catalogue. And then, in the morning, to vote against the abolition of prostitution.

The hypocrisy of this PSOE sanchista is always the same: going through life as progressive and honest, giving moral lessons when it is the most corrupt party in Europe. (I regret this generalisation when I have some decent and honest socialist friends from Castile-La Mancha who are permanent, permanent socialists).

patxi lopez

Y llega Patxi L√≥pez y espeta al colega que pregunta por el n√ļmero de diputados y senadores que pudieran estar implicados en estas cenas con juerga nocturna.

-    ¬ŅY a ti qu√© m√°s te da?

And then Patxi López comes along and says to the colleague who asks about the number of deputies and senators who might be involved in these dinners with nightly revelry.

- What do you care? 

We don't care, Mr L√≥pez. For the beginning. Suspending TB from membership - he has not been expelled from the party - does not mean that the PSOE is not responsible for his conduct. Why was he urgently asked to leave by the party's secretary general, Santos Cerd√°n, and not by you, who is the president of the parliamentary group? 

What explanation is there for the fact that with the evidence of "El Mediador" to the judge √Āngeles Lorenzo-C√°ceres, the public prosecutor did not ask for TB to be sent to prison as he did with the general (retired) of the Benem√©rita? Who is in charge in the Public Prosecutor's Office, as Don Pedro asked his colleague and friend of RNE, I√Īigo Alfonso? "Well, that", clarified the emperor.

It is not credible that the president of the Canary Islands Government, √Āngel Vicente Torres and secretary general of the PSOE, had no knowledge of this plot when he himself, a few weeks earlier, dismissed TB's nephew as director general of Livestock and nominated him as head of the list in Antigua for the May elections. Has the party doped itself politically in preparation for the new elections?

Nine months of bribes, sex parties and extortion with guided tours of Parliament and the Directorate General of the Guardia Civil. It is exciting to see the extorted businessmen photographed in front of La Pilarica.

Marixell Batet's behaviour has been as expected: she finally collaborated with the justice system when the judge asked her to do so.  Let's hope it's not too late because TB took her Ipad and Iphone 14 with him. How much evidence could the former Canary Islands MP have destroyed since being released from prison?  

Moncloa has tried to manage "damage control" but it is not easy, even though the photos and videos of TB and Tito S√°nchez and of TS with his nephew Taishet have already disappeared from the networks and the Ferraz website. We are at the beginning of a socialist scandal in line with the Andalusian caliphate. This is the real Sanchista regeneration. One hundred years of honesty... discontinuous. Or, to put it another way: of permanent corruption..

The broken image of the Guardia Civil

With Marlaska at the helm, anything is possible. A judge is investigating Bienvenido Mart√≠nez, husband of the director general of the Guardia Civil, Mar√≠a G√°mez, for allegedly misappropriating funds from the Andalusian regional government during the socialist era. G√°mez is not known to have taken a single action favourable to the Guardia Civil. She is neither here nor expected. Now, the TB step splashes several commanders of the Benem√©rita. There are already resignations for alleged corruption. 

The visible head of this scandal is the Major General of the Guardia Civil, Francisco Espinosa Navas, alias "Papi", responsible for aid to the Sahel countries. 61,000 euros were found in his home in shoeboxes and wrapped in clothes "because he believed that the end of the world was coming with the coronavirus". His protection of his partner Adelaide, whom he calls "Flying Pussy", portrays him. Shame on him! He has lost the honour of the Institution and we hope that justice will do its job. 

The procurer Marco Antonio Navarro is no angel. He has been convicted on several occasions, but he had an office - like Juan Guerra's brother in the Government Delegation in Andalusia - in the Ministries of Health and Agriculture in the Archipelago.  He claimed to advise two ministers and several senators. Let's find out who. The plot obtained money in advance from businessmen in trouble who were assured that they would help them either by reducing fines or by managing European funds. 

The judge accuses the scheme of extortion and criminal organisation. The PSOE has closed the case, although the contents of the material left in TB's congressional office are not known. First, it was claimed that the ex-deputy from the Canary Islands no longer had an office and then that it had been sealed. What was the chain of custody? Only Patxi L√≥pez knows. And he will never say anything, and what do you care, the illustrious Basque jurist will reprimand us. 

Let's hope that this scandal will have an electoral impact on 28 May. Tezanos has the last word.

Navarre MP Sergio Sayas always speaks loud and clear in Congress criticising the cheapening of embezzlement. He has called TB "an ode to corruption" and summed up the entire national government as follows: "it is a pyramid scheme".

"A river in turmoil... rapists' gain"

The Tito Berni corruption scandal has exploded against the PSOE just when the Sisi Law has reduced the sentences of 735 sex offenders and released more than 70. And there are still another 3,200 paedophiles and rapists waiting for prison benefits. This is the law for the "integral protection" of women. Unintended effects, they claim. No one has done as much damage to women in Spain as these legislators with gender self-determination.

The solitude of ministers Belarra and Montero during the approval of the proposal to reform the law itself, barely three months old, is the swindle of the stamp. Everything was designed in the electoral market scenario.

I listen to the brainy pundits saying that this is the end of the coalition government. There is no such thing. 

The PSOE and UP are united by power, the seat of power and the official car. They will not break because the general elections would have to be brought forward and Don Pedro is not going to give up his six months of glory as president of the EU, with his Falcon flying through the skies of the Old Continent. There is no gaping breach. They hold out because they all swallow. And they get paid. They all depend on the Budget. 

I followed the debate last Tuesday. Pure theatre. The S√°nchez-Montero law is a provocation to all decent people. And, as always, the PP and CS saved the soldier S√°nchez. Populares and centrists added their votes for a counter-reform that serves no purpose. And on top of that, the president laughed at everyone. He didn't even go to vote. They leaked that he would do it telematically. A lie. 

Why did Feijóo's and Arrimadas's people bite like suckers? It was time to demand the repeal of the law and make a new one as soon as possible. Vox's abstention is incomprehensible. They don't want the tenant of La Moncloa to leave? Then vote no, ladies and gentlemen. Be coherent. The "tamamazo" has disenfranchised them in Congress, in the City Council and in the Community of Madrid.


In the control of the government, the president showed himself for what he is, a man without shame or empathy. He neither thanked the PP nor Ciudadanos. No one resigns here, nor can he dismiss anyone. That is the point. Irresponsible and ruthless. 

The PSOE has proceeded to reform because Tezanos has worrying data for the municipal and regional elections. "A river in turmoil, rapists gain". Nobody explained it better than Emiliano Garc√≠a-Page on Wednesday. The socialism of good sense. 

What will S√°nchez, Montero, Belarra and Yolanda say to the people raped by those released from prison under the "Sis√≠ Law"? 

The feminist demonstrations are a smokescreen to divert the Canarian corruption, the Trans Law and the Sisi Law and the PSOE-Cantabria-Tito Revilla corruption, with its 8 million euros in rigged contracts. And on top of that, on the 12th, he pays tribute with a meal and a brass band to the Minister of Public Works Jos√© Luis Gochicoa "because he is the best politician in Cantabria".  Will he give him a pensioner's medal with anchovies for life? You can expect anything from the populist Revilla. He has been an impostor all his life. We are sick to death of feminism. Everything is sex for these social agitators. Neither Madame Curie nor Pardo Baz√°n would have taken advantage of the feminist privileges of these ideologists of victimhood.

Populares to the rescue

When the PSOE finds itself in the noose of corruption, the PP comes to the rescue. This week three more scandals related to Genova 13 have been activated. Alberto Casero, the decisive vote that saved Yolanda Díaz's Labour Law, abandoned his seat when the Supreme Court was cornering him for embezzlement; Pedro Antonio Sánchez, former president of Murcia, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison, 17 years of disqualification and a fine of 3,600 euros for awarding a verbal contract to an architect friend for the construction of an Exhibition Centre that was never finished. In addition, this week it has been revealed that the public prosecutor has requested 15 years in prison for former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Diaz for using interior funds to follow Bárcenas. The dinner of the number 2 of his department and the president of the Audiencia Nacional is inadmissible and unacceptable. What was missing. They never learn.

Harassment of businessmen and hidden data

We close the chronicle with the Government's assault on Ferrovial. We have never seen such a brutal "ad hominem" attack on a Spanish company and its president, Rafael del Pino. The construction company has been very well received in the Netherlands. S√°nchez, Calvi√Īo, Montero. D√≠az and Belarra have described the decision as unpatriotic. 

They said nothing when a few months ago, PRISA left, partly to Luxembourg, a real tax haven in the heart of Europe. Neither PSOE nor UP are attacking Roures, who has been fiscally based in the Netherlands for 20 years, where he hosts Pablo Iglesias' RedTV.

Thanks to two PP senators, we have finally had access to the number of the permanent unemployed: 443,078 workers. The real number of unemployed is close to 3.3 million. And Yolanda hiding it. They will make it up. 

This Government of Transparency concealed from minute one the deaths caused by the coronavirus. Officially they have offered a figure of less than 120,000. The reality is that as of today there are more than 160,000. Another state secret. 

All State Security Forces have demonstrated in Madrid against the Citizen Security Law that leaves them unprotected and unarmed. It is a time bomb to set the streets on fire if the PP overturns the December elections. 

Marlasca and S√°nchez always in favour of the criminals. The Lawyers of the Administration of Justice have been on strike for 32 days. More than 100,000 files are at a standstill. 

Finally, beyond radical feminism, we must remember that 11M/2004 is still present in our hearts. 192 dead in the biggest attack in Spain and in Europe. 2,000 wounded, many of them with physical and psychological sequels, and 9 still in Madrid's hospitals. Nineteen years later, Aznar, Zapatero, Rajoy and S√°nchez have not lifted a finger to find out who were the material and intellectual authors of the massacre. 

This government, which takes such pains to vindicate the Democratic Memory, will let the statute of limitations expire next year. I would like to be wrong. This is where the assault on the Transition, the Magna Carta and the unity of Spain began. On that day, constitutional loyalty came to an end.

Always with the victims of terrorism; we do not forget them. They need help. A lot of volunteers and a lot of money. That day "many lips were left without kisses", as the famous poet Juli√°n Mart√≠n from Salamanca wrote. 

Please go to: www.asociaci√≥n11m.org. Nobody is left out here. 

Antonio Regalado directs BAH√ćA DE √ćTACA at: aregaladorodriguez.blogspot.com