The great builder

The social-communist government of the nation, with the support of separatists and philo-terrorists, has dealt yet another blow to the rule of law: Sanchism abolishes private property - our homes - the basis of the family since the Neolithic era and consecrated by the Romans as an essential pillar of freedom, and whitewashes the "squatters" and "restless squatters", who are now called "people without a title" under the false pretext of vulnerability.  What until yesterday we called squatters-discontinuous squatters, will become the new "forks" and "ladles" of the drug and housing mafias. There are 100,000 squatted flats.

This time Don Pedro did go to Congress to vote, reconverted in this countdown to 28-M into the new king of the brick. Don Pedro Jos√© Ban√ļs S√°nchez-P√©rez Castej√≥n, S.A. Builder and promoter: from Moratalaz to Marbella, passing through other big property developments similar to those of the K√≠a-Sarasola Towers (today CaixaBank). He will end up being the great architect of public and private housing.

What an opportunity to award these land reclassifications all over Spain to the Mart√≠nez-G√°mez family and Tito Berni! "We are going to turn what is today a luxury good into a basic necessity", said the president while Belarra was telling us that the law is due to the progressives of UP. And by promising, no one will be left behind. Floors for all. 


The Defence shield

Margarita Roblespierre, the commander-in-chief's number one fan minister, without batting an eyelid or batting an eyelid, will free up military land throughout Spain to create the 178,000 decent subsidised housing units, promised "urbi et orbi" - (without rhyme or reason) - by the entire Cabinet, under the protection of our Constitution (Art.47) and, above all, urged on by the municipal, regional and general elections.  It is a pity that the military have to live in houses that are not very habitable, shared by 5 or 6 professionals with little hygiene and not enough hot water. Ah! And after six years they are evicted. Are you going to leave enough land to build decent housing for our army?
So far, in 59 months in office, the Executive has not built a single one. The clearest case of requalification of military land is that of Campamento in Madrid. The barracks have been there since the "disentailment" of Zapatero and Bono with the approval of their friend Gallardón.

This is another scandalous lie. The president lives in his own metaverse, in his own quantum rather than digital world, and his AI (artificial intelligence) has provided him with yet another argument for the elections to continue lying to the people beyond his means.

Another perverse and unconstitutional law that attacks the right to property, against decent and thrifty people; it limits rents, protects evictions and legalises home invasions and massive home invasions (55 reported every day). In addition, the owner has to pay the costs of gas, water, IBI and electricity, even if they grow "marijuana" and other synthetic flowers at home. 

It is clear that Sanchez and his followers are determined to devastate and impoverish our society, while the fires scorch the little green land that survives the persistent drought. It is not surprising what these communist abusers want: to take us to Argentina or Cuba where, for lack of fuel, Havana cannot bring out the masses to cheer Fidel (r.i.p.), Ra√ļl and Miguel Diaz Canel on the first of May. 

The situation in Argentina, with interest rates at 90% and inflation at 104% and in Venezuela, with a salary of 8 dollars a month, clearly shows us that neither communism nor nationalism nor separatism nor Sanchism are the way forward. Neither the way, nor the truth; we are risking our lives with this law. Where are those affected by this attack on property? Why don't the big forks (and spoons) come out into the open to fight against this populist despotism? 

The opposition (PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, exconvergentes, PNV and the Canarian Oramas have denounced "the bargain for squatting" and our builder and leader celebrates it as a "milestone".  The provocation - the division between Spaniards - is greater because the competences over land are almost exclusively in the hands of the Autonomous Communities. The vast majority will lose and this useless, lying and wasteful government will win as always. 


The last debate

In S√°nchez's (rigged) appearances in Parliament - now Congress, now Senate - he always plays with marked cards. In his fourth disagreement in the Upper House, the abuse of presidential time is not always an advantage: 2 hours (Government) compared to 30 minutes plus 5 minutes discount from Ander Gil to the head of the opposition.

The Moncloa Palace's amanuensis prepare his "mature" monologues with figures, data and absences: presentation, answers and threats. Admittedly, he reads like a good speaker, but as he is not the author of the papers, he has not even bothered to reread them beforehand; he just goes on stringing together meaningless sentences and answering questions he has never been asked. It happened with Tamames and continues to happen with Feij√≥o. 

In last Tuesday's scuffle, Don Pedro was moderately optimistic. With Franciscan humility. He no longer had any room for the extreme and the extreme right, the powerful, social justice, and the renewal of the CGPJ; he announced another 20,000 flats and liquefied himself by talking about how this will be the first Housing Law in the history of Spain. He forgets, like Belarra, those of 1954 and 1957 of the National Housing Institute. 

The president is known more for what he hides than for what he says. He never says anything. They want to urgently turn the page on the S√°nchez-Montero law and in this line of forgetfulness and contempt for the citizen in 120 minutes he has not a word to apologise in parliament to young girls, children and abused and raped women. And to their families. "If you have to ask for forgiveness, you ask for it", he says like "fodder" for the news, with the voice of Little Red Riding Hood.  His interstellar ego overrides his lack of empathy. He - alone and in the company of others - legislates and governs for criminals!

The polls must not be going well because he improvised a reduction of up to 25% in personal income tax for farmers and ranchers when the tax campaign has already begun. 

N√ļ√Īez Feij√≥o was right in his unanswered questions. His joke about the "loaves of bread and flats" is not very witty. When talking about Do√Īana I should have told him that the Junta de Andaluc√≠a has already paid Brussels 14 million for the excesses during the socialist caliphate, paid two months ago. Did nobody tell the Sanhedrin in Genoa? 



My friend Paco Linares invited me last Sunday to taste the Segundo Café on the programme "Sin Complejos" that Luis del Pino hosts every weekend on Es Radio. He asked me how I saw the political panorama. "Sincerely", I replied, "I see it very well". And I added: "Very good for the government, for Pedro Sánchez, for Yolanda, for Tito Berni, for the weeping Irene Montero, for the thrifty Martínez-Gámez family, for the trade unions that do not raise their workers' salaries, for the ETA terrorists who are already at home and are waiting for a dignified retirement with a house included; for the embezzlers and for the coup plotters".

What we have seen in the last few days is scandalous. The government amends its own "yes is yes" law thanks to the PP and insults it. Senators are breaking their hands and cheering unrestrainedly for their leaders of the electoral lists, on both sides. Where is your victory, Mr. President?  It is possible that the hundreds of rapists and sex offenders are very grateful to you for their release from prison; and it is not surprising that the thousands of such offenders vote for you for reducing their sentences by 15 to 20%. These are his social and progressive laws. 

The Minister of Equality -remember? - took the podium "in the name of the Government itself" and accused the PSOE and S√°nchez of allowing themselves to be humiliated by the Popular Party, and Patxi, in his aggressive and sustainable line, insisted that "we have amended some mistakes and that's it; the law is perfect". 

Days later on Onda Cero, he treated Marhuenda as if he were his lackey; he assured that ETA does not exist, that the squatters are residual and that housing does not penalise "tenants" of more than five homes. A whole career in the service of rancour, hatred and sectarianism. The ideal spokesman to continue dividing citizens. They have robbed us of our daily peace and have no mercy or forgiveness for the victims.

Touched, yes; not sunk 

The president's body language betrays that, despite the BOE, the CIS and the TC, he is a vulnerable politician because he rides on himalayas of lies. His gestures and voice are out of sync. They are the symptoms of an impostor.  If we are doing so well and creating so many jobs, how come we are still, Mr. President, at the bottom of the unemployment rate in the EU since 1986? Why have salaries in Ireland grown by 22,160 euros in four years, 3,390 in Germany, 1,529 in Portugal, 1,100 in Italy, 690 in Greece and 490 euros in Spain? The great builder knows, but does not answer, nor does he explain the enormous debt accumulated during his mandate (340,000 million) that reaches 1.5 trillion, 115% of our GDP. The EPA of a few hours ago increased unemployment by 103,800 people; 14.3%, the highest in the EU.

Sanchez is affected by the excesses committed during his first five-year plan, but he is not sunk. Everything is going "full steam ahead", even if the hunger queues are getting longer and longer. 

It is true that on this occasion he has been more restrained in the Palace of the Spanish Navy; we know from his body language that it is all pure theatre. His arrogance goes through the black holes, he places the first stone of his past in the biography of Largo Caballero - the PSOE's greatest collaborator with the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, not to be confused with his son José Antonio -, and he will continue to make our lives bitter for the foreseeable future.

How long, Sánchez-Catilina, are you going to be abusing our patience and conspiring to dismantle the spirit of '78? The conspiracy with UP, ERC, Bildu, MM, Compromís -the squatter of Bethlehem in Egypt-, will not have time to be consummated because time fortunately runs against them.

The damage caused by these last two laws can no longer be repaired. They are provoked effects, not unwanted ones. They knew it. But Podemos, Sumar, ERC and Bildu continue to play along with the PSOE because the philosophy of this coalition government is always the same: to be generous to all criminals, to attack businessmen, the self-employed and taxpayers.



A colleague asked me if this crisis would lead to resignations or dismissals. Crisis? What crisis? I replied. This government is welded together with an autogenous welding machine from the 1960s and it will not break because Yolanda already said on La Sexta: "I am not going to hold primaries before the elections because what Podemos wants are the starting positions, the money and the freedoms". By the way, today, she has not even registered her party with the Ministry of the Interior.

That is the key. They live off power. And they won't leave it until we kick them out democratically, vote by vote. The serious thing is that S√°nchez and his ministers -including the "sevillana" Llop with a justice strike behind her back-, keep laughing at all of us.

Let's remember that P√©rez-Castej√≥n already absented himself from the debate and the vote on the "Sis√≠" Law, as he did when the reduction of penalties for embezzlers of public funds was enshrined and sedition was eliminated. Neither Penal Code nor Civil Code. Podemos, which is pulling the cart of "progressivism", is already studying the presentation of two initiatives to legalise zoophilia and (consensual) relations with minors. Destroying the family is an objective of the entire caviar left. 

Not since the 2018 motion of censure has such political indignity been seen. And S√°nchez was neither there nor voted for his own reform; he got into the Falcon and went to Do√Īana to threaten the Junta de Andaluc√≠a before Brussels because he wants to bring water to the dry lands of Huelva. When the problem has been there since 2005 in the midst of the socialist viceroyalty in the south of the south. 

S√°nchez is never responsible for anything. After governing by means of decrees (and that's 138), he answers to himself - he doesn't give a damn about history - and mistreats his ministers, his vice-presidents and, worst of all, all his militants and us, the taxpayers.  

He is Spain and with the approval of Merittxel Batet and Conde Pumpido, everything he does will be constitutional. From the Cel√°a law to the censorship of the Diario de Sesiones de las Cortes to Cayetana √Ālvarez de Toledo. 

Having neutralised Parliament with the CIS, the BOE and the TC, there is nothing to fear. We cannot ask an irresponsible government for any responsibility. You can't ask a president who dismisses Minister Laya at Morocco's demand to send Montero or Belarra to his house because Don Pablo would get angry and the common business would fall apart instantly.  He is a textbook coward. And he won't even get on the phone to the president of Ferrovial. 

And Irene is not going to resign. It is a government of communists, each one representing the worst of each faction of the left. Ferraz has become podemised and there is no turning back. 


S√°nchez only wants to stay in La Moncloa at any price. He would not miss the rotating EU presidency from July to December for anything, let alone the trip to Washington on 12 May. The Count-Duke of Bola√Īos, S√°nchez Castej√≥n's valide, describes the invitation to visit the White House as a galactic meeting in the style of "Paj√≠n with ZP". Su√°rez has already been there twice, Gonz√°lez 4 times, Aznar 5 times with a visit to Bush's ranch, Zapatero once and Rajoy twice. Even Gustavo Petro has already been received by Biden, seven months after being elected president of Colombia. 

Therefore, S√°nchez Castej√≥n will continue to take to the skies while he answers nothing that is asked of him in the control sessions. He is an escapist, a fugitive at the end of his escape, dependent on Rabat and half of his "Putinist" government while they celebrate the massacre of the glorious Ukrainian people.  

We are, dear friends, in the worst moment of our history with the worst government of the nation. And if the replacement is Yolanda, the one who sang, with black hair, the elegy to Castro's death and the eulogy before the death of Comandante Ch√°vez, the one of "authorities and authorities, so many and fools", and the one who proposes I√Īaki Gabilondo as head of state, then so be it for those who believe in this hollow and opportunistic policy.

The ingredients for change

A change like that of October 1982 would be desirable, in reverse, of course. But the ingredients for shaping such a change are in a sea of doubt. We are left with VOX, which has not backed the Law on Sexual Violence after having admitted the reform; which has paralysed the expansion northwards of Madrid capital (200,000 jobs for 20 years), and which blocked the Autonomous Community's Budget. Colleague Isabel Natividad Diaz Ayuso is clear that her real adversary is S√°nchez because "S√°nchez is against all of us, especially against the people of Madrid".

And Ciudadanos is still alive; its 1.5 million votes could give a centrist twist to the municipal and regional elections. This CDS of the 21st century has enough strength before immolating itself to overturn the elections and bring back the new Swarist change of concord and progress 41 years later. 

Meanwhile, I hope that PP and PSOE sign four pacts before the drought and the fires devour us: one for the unity of Spain in the face of the new attacks by Aragon√©s, Illa and Puigdemont; another for water, a third for education and a fourth for renewable energies once the nuclear power stations have been cancelled. 

The betrayal of the PSC and the PSE - in short, of Don Pedro-Jos√© Ban√ļs-S√°nchez P√©rez-Castej√≥n against the Spanish language seems irreversible. The president's absence at the Cervantes Prize award ceremony confirms that his partners in Frankenstein do not give him permission to attend in Alcal√° de Henares to remember Castilian and Don Miguel.

Don Alberto is right that Sanchismo must be repealed. The dialectic ammunition of the PSOE and its comrades must be neutralised with artificial intelligence and the new drones and fifth generation proposals. More solutions and less demagogy. 

Everyone on 28 May to vote in self-defence. And to vote in freedom. We must hit S√°nchez and his partners where it hurts the most: at the ballot box. First round. Overturn the present. December is just around the corner. The quiet change awaits us through the concord that Adolfo Su√°rez preached and practised. It is still possible.

We will continue, in resistance with our Ithaca Bay, waiting for the rains because it still has to rain cats and dogs.  

Antonio REGALADO directs BAH√ćA de √ćTACA in: