Spain also has a King

photo_camera Mensaje de Navidad del Rey

On Christmas Eve, Felipe VI reconciled us with our past and our future. His speech recovered the spirit of the Transition, vindicating the Magna Carta as the axis of our coexistence.
In such turbulent times, it is worth highlighting his call for unity. In his memory of Ukraine, with the blood still hot because of the eight citizens murdered by Russia in Kherson, he called for the commitment that "sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the States are inalienable principles of the international order in search of peace". We understood everything.
The deterioration of coexistence, the lack of unity, the strengthening of institutions, the return to constitutional principles and our link to Europe and NATO have been messages from the monarch for all of us -and him first- to continue along the path of harmony. 
His support for the weakest, demanding solidarity policies from the public authorities so that no one is left behind, was very timely. 

AVE Murcia
 Finally, the monarch spoke of a spirit of renewal and adaptation to the times. "With confidence in our country, in a Spain that I know well, brave and open to the world: the Spain that seeks serenity, peace, tranquility; the Spain that is responsible, creative, vital and supportive. That Spain is the one I see, the one I hear, the one I feel in many of you; and the one that, once again, will come out ahead. It is in the hands of all of us".
A brave and sensible speech in the middle of the perfect political storm we are suffering. The best speech of his reign. The next one will be his tenth meeting with the people. In Spain we DO have a king. 

Tribunal constitucional
 Legislative maelstrom

We close the most politically unstable year and open the most dangerous of our lives. The frontal attack on the Constitutional Court has granted itself a Christmas truce; the assault on the Penal Code with the elimination of the crime of sedition and the lowering of embezzlement has deactivated the rule of law. ERC has described it with this headline: "the pillars of 78 are tottering". The CGPJ is still resisting. 
Taking advantage of soccer and the El Gordo lottery, the valido Felix Bola√Īos with his Catalan and Basque partners have embarked on a crusade to dismantle the Spanish Constitution and return to the starting point of 2017. The independence of Catalonia.
The social-communist government of Don Pedro Sanchez is like the Berlin Wall; if it collapses, the regime falls. The pan-socialist leader has thrown a pulse to the opposition and the justice system accusing the Court of Guarantees of being "an increasingly less hidden power that tucks Feijóo in".
Lying is a revolutionary technique -communist of course- to muddy the ground and the atmosphere while changing the rules of the game in the middle of the game. At the same time, the blame is put on the right, the extreme right and the extreme center.
The worst of all is that he is going to win this battle by radicalizing society until the culmination of the secession of Catalonia, the Basque Country and Navarre. Then the "Anschluss" (the vital expansion towards the Balearic Islands and Valencia, already colonized) will continue. Will they cross the border of Almansa? It is possible if we let them.
The legislative maelstrom without any legal rigor of this executive is more insatiable than ever. The pandemic has allowed them to use the BOE as a weapon of mass destruction. We are all facas if we do not agree with their millstones full of Himalayas of lies.

 Pacting with criminals

The PSOE has placed itself outside the Magna Carta. That is why it needs to mercilessly attack the TC and the magistrates whose terms of office have been extended, not expired. Therefore, it was necessary to shake up the institutions to put Conde Pumpido in charge, who did not mind staining his robe with the dust of ETA's path and will not mind leaving it with the mud of the separatist process either.
This very month we have learned that Pedro Sanchez himself signed three months before 1-0 an agreement under the PSOE-PSE acronym committing himself to support plurinationality and nationalist demands. You know: referendum, amnesty and independence. This is the Table of Shame ERC-Government behind the back of the Parliament.
With Sanchismo we always live on the razor's edge. The old Madrid Gazette has already consecrated the elimination of sedition and the reduction of the crime of embezzlement. All express. Without debate, without opposition. Without light or stenographers. Using a legislative proposal that does not need the opinions neither of the Council of State nor of the CGPJ -theirs would have been a bill- they agreed the text with the criminals. 
And they went further: they incorporated two amendments, one to appoint two magistrates related to Moncloa and another to break the Constitution (Art. 159.3) "The members of the TC shall be appointed for a period of 9 years and shall be renewed by thirds (4) every three years". Sánchez and his associates demand the appointment of Juan Carlos Campo and Laura Díez. It is blatantly unconstitutional to appoint 1/6 of the magistrates. The leftist deputies prevaricated. This is popular sovereignty. Like that of the GDR.
The right of protection of the PP was admitted by the High Court. And then came the deluge. The disqualifications of the President of the Government are unprecedented in any EU country. Perhaps in South America.

Tribunal Constitucional
 The institutional declarations of the president of the Congress Maritxell Batet and the president of the Senate, Ander Gil confirm that they have behaved like lackeys of Moncloa. The Count Duke of Bola√Īos, in the heat of the night, from Moncloa, threatened again with "unpredictable consequences".
It is a lie that the TC has invaded competences of the Legislative. It has limited itself to say that these two amendments cannot be processed according to the procedure. In fact, PSOE, ERC and Bildu are already working on another express proposal to culminate the siege to the Court of Guarantees. Don Cándido Conde Pumpido and his altar boy Bandrés will bless all the totalitarian excesses of Sanchism. In six years they will dynamite the whole architecture of legal security and they will even blow up the Valley of the Fallen and even the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia.
The other target to be shot down by Patxi L√≥pez, Pablo Echenique, I√Īigo Errej√≥n and other Frankenstein spokesmen, has been the General Council of the Judiciary. The Judges' body has been insulted and humiliated as never before by the populist "leftists". Sicilias and Rufianes have spoken of coups d'√©tat by the fa√ßade togas comparing the judges with the 23-F coup plotters. And this is the executive of the dialogue.
The CGPJ is blocked preferably by the so-called progressives. Leftists. In this case, we highlight that while the member Enrique Lucas has abstained because one of the candidates was his brother Pablo, the progressive Clara Martinez de Careaga, wife of Conde Pumpido does not do so because it would prevent her husband from reaching the top of the TC in mid-January. Is there not a clear conflict of interest there and, therefore, an incompatibility? The left-wing progressives only accuse the right-wing.
In short, sedition abolished and embezzlement of public funds reduced to nothing, Junqueras, Puigdemont and their forty friends prosecuted for the coup of 1-0 will be able to run for elections next year and continue using public money to give the final blow for free total. And as our president assures, this decreases the tension in Catalonia. Aragon√©s has been clear: we will also vindicate the laws declared unconstitutional, the 14 articles of the Statute and the "disconnection" laws of September 6 and 7, 2017.  "It is the price to pay for agreeing with criminals" as bravely expressed by the president of Castilla-La Mancha Emiliano Garc√≠a Page.

 Ethics and austerity

If sedition is serious and now equated to street violence (aggravated), no less serious is the reduction of the theft of public money. As the judge -and party- Margarita Roblespierre has lectured us very well, it is one thing to take public money home and quite another to steal that money to give it to your lover or your brother-in-law. A prodigy of hypocrisy of this magistrate on leave of absence. Another one who seemed to be a virgin, martyr and decent. Stealing is stealing and if it is from the people it is a social crime. The constitutionalist Carmen Calvo warned us years ago that "public money belongs to no one". The supreme leader of both ladies contaminates everything.
We learned -and we learned it well with President Adolfo Suarez- that "democracy is to know where every peseta of the taxpayer goes". For these unprincipled and unscrupulous guys, democracy is neither ethics nor austerity. Their popular democracy is corruption. Call them the Andalusian EREs, Matesa, Filesa, Time Sport, Red Cross or the desalination plants in Valencia - "the boss already knows" (Ximo Puig). The PSOE is no longer equality. This PSOE is corruption. Fraud and corruption. They have expelled Leguina.
Let's look at Operation Qatar. Seven arrested so far and all socialists. Starting with the former Greek vice-president Eva Kaili and her Italian colleagues. And what has the president of the Socialist International said? Don Pedro has said nothing. He is silent and concedes.
The European Parliament sees its foundations shaken and its already scarce credibility undermined. The scandal we needed the least in the middle of the war. The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen protects our young man, who is not exactly from Sig√ľenza.
The mandate of Pedro S√°nchez has been and is like a river of turbulent waters, without bridges, on the way to oceanic chaos. The river cannot return. No one can return. A big scandal is covering another more obscene scandal until the elections absolve them to sin again. 
We know nothing of the long week of Pegassus, of the surrender of the Sahara without going through neither the Council of Ministers nor the Parliament, nor of the dead in Melilla last summer. He is not a hostage; he is a slave of Podemos, bilduetarras and separatists.
 The tenant of the Monclovite hill has disarmed the state and no matter how much N√ļ√Īez Feij√≥o may want it, this process will take decades to be irreversible. The damage has already been done. Sanchismo is a greater danger than global warming. And, it is not that we are against S√°nchez's policies, which we are; it is that he is against Spain and against all of us.
From January 13 we will see dozens of corrupt people -along with rapists, pedophiles and sex offenders- take to the streets or count down the countdown in the jails, because of the magnanimous express laws of Emperor Perez-Castejon. The atmosphere we breathe is more similar to the Argentina of Mrs. Cristina, the thief than to Maduro's Venezuela. We are progressively maturing.

 The winter of our disenchantment

We have entered the winter under water. We needed it. This year the invasion of Ukraine has brought us back to the crimes of World War II. Putin is as cruel as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. The EU and NATO have woken up. Zelenski must now be helped. Democracy and freedom are at stake on the banks of the Dnieper.
The president has declared before a joint session of Congress and the Senate that his country "Will never surrender. Never. They need our help. It is the best way to help ourselves. Their sacrifice deserves victory. Their fight is for freedom. The war will be long. The heroic Ukrainian people need to know that they are not alone. Glory to Ukraine! Good for our king.
We have left behind the ghost of the coronavirus and have almost forgotten the 162,000 dead. The energy crisis has brought us back to the 1970s. But with the umbrella of Brussels. Electricity, gas, shopping baskets and mortgages are our nightmares. All that remains is for the government to decree fortnightly months to make ends meet.
Inflation is out of control and salaries are not increasing enough. S√°nchez feels the malaise every time he goes to the street. Friday was in Barcelona. Applause at the farewell for the great Serrat in Barcelona and booing for S√°nchez and Iceta. The Falcon is his undoing. Forty-eight hours earlier the cries of discontent were heard at the AVE station in Murcia. Let him hear the message of the people... pissed off. His short past is too heavy. He has achieved something great: to make us believe that the Transition was a mirage.

 Maturing "Argentinian style".

We Spaniards started the year saying goodbye to the Cumbre Vieja volcano and we said goodbye with Messi's triumph in the World Cup and the eruption of the BOE (elimination of the crime of sedition, reduction from 15 to 5 years in the embezzlement of funds, abortion law, Trans law, Sisi law, law of the 16 families, law of animal protection, Universities, and special taxes on the rich, energy companies, banks and supermarkets). 
There will be time to return to this social engineering which will be complemented each council with the "social Tuesdays", invented by Ch√°vez and Maduro under the populist claim of the "new beginning" until the local and autonomic elections of May. A manna of subsidies to buy votes at a low price. 
We left behind a burnt Spain with 288,000 hectares, 40% of the entire forest area. Without the National Hydrological Plan, the "water war" between territories has been opened, with no pact in sight.
Health, education, the CIS, RTVE, the Public Prosecutor's Office, judges, pensions and the threat to civil servants are subjects in which we have been failing in all the Autonomous Regions due to the lack of direction of the National Executive. 
The crisis of the PP seems to be cleared with the leadership of N√ļ√Īez Feij√≥o. VOX, despite filing against S√°nchez in the Supreme Court and the members of the dialogue table for alleged conspiracy, continues to punish Ayuso and Almeida in Madrid. And we do not know why. Ciudadanos agonizes between In√©s -in her best parliamentary moment- and Edmundo; it hurts us to stay with many kisses of less in mid-January. Their votes are essential.
The Christmas message of the President of the Government will serve to justify all his exploits. He does not want peace in Catalonia, he wants its victory. He will avoid explaining the vexatious treatment he gives to the head of state who hardly talks to him and who goes ahead of him when he gets on the AVE high-speed train. He always asks for respect for him when he has it for no one. It is clear that he has been a spoiled, arrogant and ill-mannered child.
He will talk to us about his "pending leftist revolution" although he will try to convince us of his "permanent progressive involution". As said: Spain is "maturing in the Argentinean way", after caressing the popular sovereignty that does not exist. There is national sovereignty, which is enshrined in our Constitution. The future is about democracy and freedom against totalitarian populism. 
Once again Rosalia, Nadal, Alcaraz (and Messi) have saved us from shipwreck. Next year has to be better. 
Happy New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. This Bay continues its journey, enriching itself on the way to the island of Ithaca. Life, dear compatriots, is the best journey.
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