photo_camera Pedro Sánchez

A word that is defined as the progressive loss of strength, intensity, importance or perfection of a thing or a person and also as the historical or time period in which an artistic or cultural movement, a state, a statesman, a society, etc., gradually loses the strength or the values that constituted and launched it as such and during which it gradually weakens until it disintegrates.

We know that everything in this life has always been born, grows, develops, implants and expands, and after a more or less prolonged period of splendour, it enters the so-called and defined period of decadence that leads to its decomposition, degradation, weariness and disappearance from public life and the thinking of the people, politics and the customs and habits of the society where it developed.

This leads us to think that, in this life and in our thinking, nothing and no one, except God, are and remain standing until perpetuity. On the political level and in the governance of peoples, many of its actors have often fallen into the temptation and vainglory of pretending to be loved and venerated eternally; that their world and that of their environment would never change and that, even if they did what they did, no one would dare to unseat them from their pedestal, armchair or throne; because their power and ability to govern their fellow human beings were such that no one would question or doubt their ability.

This situation, in order to occur, must meet one or more of the following requirements: it has occurred in places or countries where social and cultural backwardness is or has been total or excessive compared to their environment; the illustrious ones were vulgar dictators; they have maintained their power and popularity on the basis of handouts or mamandurrias to those who obsessively paid obeisance to them, while directly or indirectly persecuting anyone or anything that opposed their idea, mandate or way of governing; or, simply, they are people who, due to the abuse of power they have been exercising, believe themselves to be above good and evil, above the law, and are even capable of changing and adapting it to their needs and demands. 

There are many examples and to list them would fill many pages, which I do not intend to do with this brief account of reflection, with which I would just like to unmask a person and his cohorts who, from his first steps - and significantly, very cocky and carefree - in social and political life, has been showing signs that he was a clear aspirant to be one of the greatest smoke peddlers in recent, past and possibly even future history.

I am referring, of course, to Pedro Sánchez Castejón, the person who, undeservedly, and boosted by a phrase - embedded for no reason or motive in a sentence that was not relevant to the case - from a more than controversial judge who was very much in his own league, was able to put into practice a motion of censure based on lies and deceit, and was able to win the Presidency of the Government of Spain with trickery, words and all kinds of unfulfilled promises based on perverse, rotten and very harmful alliances for the good and on behalf of Spain, the Spanish people and his own dignity; all of which he doesn't give a damn about, because his thirst for power is based mainly on a lack of sound principles and amorality.

A president who manages by means of decrees, of very dubious or even proven illegality, without being affected in the slightest; who does not hesitate in the computer, political and social blackout, in allying himself with both the Trojans and the Trojans at the same time in order to maintain his chair, his false prestige and to be able to strut around different forums as if he were one of the most important and decisive men in the world; when in reality, if anything characterises him, it is his lack of shame when it comes to asking for economic, political and even moral support when he really lacks the slightest credibility.

He never feels guilty of anything, when faced with the slightest problem he always looks around him to sacrifice any chip that may or may not be necessary, to safeguard his backside and hold on to the grip of power when the water gets to his neck and it is not once, not twice that he does it, but many more, so that even the most coffee-loving people around him begin to doubt and think, in view of what they have seen and the long list of political corpses on his back, that the next to be disembowelled by the despot, it may even be me. 

He does not mind getting into every puddle there is, foreseen or not. He irresponsibly and thoughtlessly creates his own tense situations inside and outside the house and, like all his kind, possibly dominated by the devil, remorse and inner bad faith, he starts to see ghosts and conspiracies close to him to bring him down; while more and more, he takes refuge in his one and only absolute truth; that everyone must be at his disposal, that the opposition itself is only in politics to follow him to the letter, to approve any initiative with their votes, however crazy or not, and that anyone who resists him is an enemy of the fatherland, when in reality, as it seems, he is the biggest felon.  

As a good or quasi-false person and perfect narcissist, he is a great lover of himself, of his image, figure and thought; so much so that he does not hesitate to have a book written for him that reflects 'his way' of thinking, which he pompously titled 'Resistance Manual', to have several 'books' (an album of photographs that reflect the professional career of an artist, model, etc.) and even a series of films that highlight his 'much and important' activity.  

He never misses an opportunity to appear in any forum, photo or to give himself a great deal of importance, even if he does not deserve it. However, when it is time to become a pedigree or to give explanations, few because he does not usually give them, he sends his acolytes so that they are the ones who burn in front of the others.

As is logical and normal, and in keeping with the rich proverb, it is not possible to fool everyone for all or for a long time, so his figure, thought and ideology have gone into decline; outside they avoid him or put him in the corner of the photo, in Spain he can no longer appear in any street forum without being booed by the population. His coalition partners or the parties that support his government, despite being fed up with getting so many perks and concessions from him, are already declining to support his initiatives, and the year and a half that remains before the new elections is going to be very long for him, as well as for more than half of the suffering and unbought or deceived Spaniards who have to put up with him.

Following the handbook and the definition of decadence, Sánchez is beginning to be a liability in any forum; his presence at electoral events is already viewed with great caution even by those who have been chosen by his divine finger. Externally, in NATO nobody takes him into account except at the next NATO Summit because it will be sponsored and paid for by Spain and the Spanish, and in the EU he has become one of the biggest flies in the ointment, given that in that forum he has not appeared for some time now presenting solutions to problems that concern us; but rather asking what is mine and demanding that they be the ones who 'urgently' fix those created by him; in a personal way, following a stubbornness, his obstinate and unfounded instinct or his more than likely spurious and certainly hidden agendas or interests.