Enrolment is open until 29 September

Enrolment open for Three Cultures Foundation language courses

The Three Cultures Foundation has already prepared the new edition of its language courses, which will start next October. Specifically, the Modern Hebrew and Modern Arabic classes will begin on Monday 2 October and those interested can already register, although they have until 22 September to do so.

In both languages, up to four levels are taught depending on the needs of the students. Each week, two 90-minute face-to-face classes are held (at the Tres Culturas headquarters) in the afternoons.

On the other hand, all the information to enrol in our online course of Dariya, the dialectal variety of Arabic used in Morocco, is now available. These classes will start on 9 October and will end on 22 December. Enrolment is open until 29 September. 

For more information on the Modern Arabic courses, click here.

More information about the Modern Hebrew courses can be found here.

More information about the Dariya I and Dariya II courses can be found here

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