Aysu Çöğür is an incredibly diverse performer who flirts with different musical styles

Three Cultures in Seville's Noche en Blanco: Aysu Çöğür in concert

The Three Cultures Foundation participates in Seville's Noche en Blanco with a performance by Australian artist of Turkish descent Aysu Çöğür, accompanied by Martina Molló on piano and Malick Mbengue on percussion.

Aysu Çöğür is an incredibly diverse performer who flirts with musical styles ranging from jazz, soul, classic Motown and reggae to the rhythms of Turkish, Balkan and flamenco music that have so influenced her own style.

In search of his roots, she travelled from Melbourne to Istanbul, where she studied Turkish microtonal music. She later discovered and fell in love with flamenco, which led her to move to Andalusia to pursue her musical career. She currently lives in Cadiz, where she feels connected to her two countries of origin thanks to the ocean.

In her performances she captivates the audience with her own compositions and traditional Turkish, Black Sea and Azerbaijani music, creating a magical fusion where the Mediterranean meets jazz and soul. Her performance is a tribute to cultural diversity and an unforgettable musical experience.


Aysu Çöğür - vocals, percussion

Martina Molló - piano

Malick Mbengue Arroyo - percussion 

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