Maryama Kadoui, project manager of One Africa Forum, spoke to the microphones of "De Cara al Mundo" on Onda Madrid to offer the keys to the event

Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit: the continent's opportunities in Madrid

PHOTO/FILE - Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit
photo_camera PHOTO/FILE - Sommet de la coopération Afrique-Espagne

On 6, 7 and 8 July, the Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit will be held in Madrid, an event that will bring together leading figures from all sectors to analyse relations between Spain and Africa. Synergies will be created between the two regions and co-developments will be sought. Let's go into more detail with Maryama Kadoui, project manager of One Africa Forum, the company organising the Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit.  

Maryama, why do we recommend attending this highly relevant event? 

This high-level event will bring together more than 400 participants from over 20 African countries, so it is a unique opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, leaders, authorities and thus get to know the continent better, how it works and what are the ways to develop its activity. It is also a great opportunity to make yourself known and to establish new contacts and relationships.  

There are a few days left, Maryama, and anyone can register on the website. How do you do it?  

Yes, of course. All you have to do is go to the website, which is, go to the Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit section and you will find all the links to register. It is very easy, it only takes a couple of minutes and it will give you the key to come and meet Africa in Madrid.  

You can register professionals, students, journalists, business people, anyone who has an interest and who can take advantage of an opportunity to, as the hipsters say nowadays, network; to gauge their possibilities in Africa a little bit.  

Exactly, of course the event is open to absolutely everyone who is curious, who wants to get to know Africa and also to those who are not sure, because the continent is enormous, it has an impressive potential, there is still a lot to develop in Africa, but there is a great lack of knowledge. Our objective is precisely this: that Spain and Africa get to know each other better and can enter into co-development and be able to provide each other with many new opportunities.  

Maryama, where is the Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit being held? Does Spain need to look more towards Africa? 

It is held in Madrid, specifically at the Eurostar Madrid Tower, which is located in the Castellana. In fact, as you said, it is an invitation from Africa to Madrid, so that we make it easier for Spaniards to get to know many countries without having to travel to one or the other, and to bring everyone together under the same roof and really begin to give a boost to these new relations and also to accompany the Spanish strategy of Focus Africa and Horizon Africa. It is a great opportunity to be able, from Madrid, to take the first leap towards Africa.  

One Africa Forum is the company that is organising the Africa-Spain Cooperation Summit, which, by the way, will have as a media partner, among others, the magazine Atalayar. Among the sponsors is also the company Indra. It is a high-level event, as Maryama Kadaoui, project manager of One Africa Forum, explained to us.

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