DT Global's important work in development cooperation

Atalayar spoke with María Garrón, general manager of DT Global Europe, to analyse the important work that the company carries out in continents such as Africa, America and Asia to assist developing countries
María Garrón, DT Global Europa
María Garrón, DT Global Europa - PHOTO/Nina Prodanova

DT Global Europe is a contracting company that works with European Union (EU) and European Investment Bank (EIB) funds in developing countries, mainly in Africa and Latin America, on sanitation, governance and public affairs projects.

It is the Washington-based subsidiary of DT Global, one of the world's leading contractors working with funds from international organisations in developing countries. They take on projects in many sectors: from energy to governance, culture, management consultancy, water supplies...

DT Global Europe Angola
DT Global Europe Angola

They have just led observers for the recent elections in Senegal, and have also maintained and run projects in Morocco, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa among other African countries, as well as in the Philippines in Asia and other countries in Latin America such as Honduras.

The central office for European-funded projects is in Madrid and its general director is María Garrón, who kindly spoke to Atalayar about the organisation she represents and its valuable activity. 

María Garrón, DT Global Europa
María Garrón, DT Global Europa

Tell us more in depth about DT Global, one of the first contractors in the world that works with funds from international organisations in developing countries to develop various projects in different sectors.

DT Global is an international company dedicated exclusively to development cooperation around the world with more than 50 years of experience and projects in 120 countries. Our company provides technical assistance and consultancy services to governments and public institutions of third countries in their development policies, in many different fields with the aim of improving the quality of life of their citizens. Our aim for the coming years is to improve the lives of 500 million people by 2045.

DT Global Europe is its subsidiary that works with funds from the European Union and the European Investment Bank to implement various projects. Tell us more. 

DT Global Europe is the European subsidiary of this company, which is managed from Madrid, although we have offices all over the world. Most of our business is based on the management of funds donated by the European Union to third countries, supporting the EU's name for governments in their development policies, and following the models of innovation and excellence that we have in Europe, the world's largest donor of official development assistance.

We also work with the European Investment Bank and other international organisations such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, which aim to support countries in their reforms to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

DT Global Europe Malawi
DT Global Europe Malawi

What projects is DT Global working on?

On topics as varied as rural development and food security, stabilisation of territories after armed conflicts, environmental policies, liberalisation of the energy market, renewable energies, fiscal and macroeconomic reforms of countries, election observation, gender equality, etc. We even support journalists in conflict zones at the moment, as is the case in Ukraine.

María Garrón, DT Global Europa
María Garrón, DT Global Europa - PHOTO/Nina Prodanova

How are funds from the European Union and the European Investment Bank managed? 

All our projects are awarded through international tenders in which companies like ours present technical solutions to the problems identified by donors in developing countries. The international organisation calls for tenders and we present ourselves, bringing our experience and knowledge of the country in question, the technical area, past experience, etc. 

Once the contracts have been awarded, in addition to regular technical controls, all our projects are subject to external audits every six months so that there is traceability and measurement of the impact of our projects. 

DT Global has reinforced its commitment to its projects in Africa from 2023. Infrastructure, sanitation, good governance and gender equality are some of the ongoing projects. Tell us more about them.

In fact, in 2022 we received the ICEX Award for the best bidding company in Africa.

The African continent is, without a doubt, our most active market at present. We have been working in practically all African countries for more than 20 years and it is the continent where we see the greatest impact in our projects. We currently manage projects in Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Togo and we are preparing projects for agricultural development in Morocco as well.

Our work is bearing fruit with projects in regional development and infrastructure, governance support, equitable economic growth, climate change, gender equality, equal access to justice and water supply. 

María Garrón, DT Global Europa
María Garrón, DT Global Europa

Where is DT Global most active at the moment? 

Apart from Africa which, as I said, is our most active market, we are also active in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Balkans), in Asia (Uzbekistan, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc.), Central and Latin American countries and some Pacific islands.

What other entities does DT Global collaborate with?

We work with governments, local agencies and, in general, the civil service of the beneficiary countries, as well as with other international organisations such as the African Bank, USAID, DFAT, the Spanish (AECID), French and German cooperation agencies, etc. 

What sector needs to be developed more in the continents where you work, such as America, Asia and Africa?

Agriculture continues to be one of the areas of greatest development in recent times. COVID has highlighted the need for strong value chains, food security, etc. That is why we are now preparing technical assistance projects and support for the innovative and green development of this sector.

Issues such as climate change and renewable energies are also fundamental and necessary on all continents and, of course, the strengthening of public administrations, especially the public finances of countries so that they are able to manage taxes, aid, etc. efficiently and effectively.