GITEX Africa 2024, the gateway to a new era in African agriculture

Aspirations in the African agricultural sector are directed at Artificial Intelligence 

GITEX Africa 2024 is the opportunity to change the agricultural value chain on the African continent. It is Africa's largest startup and technology event. The technology gap, limited access to markets and climate change have forced the agricultural sector in Africa to reinvent itself. The next edition of GITEX Africa will propose measures to include Artificial Intelligence as a fundamental tool in the sector. 

Africa is betting on Agritech (agricultural technology). The next edition of GITEX Africa, which takes place in Morocco from 29 to 31 May, will see companies and investors focus on making the most of Artificial Intelligence in African agriculture. 

The challenges and threats plaguing the sector put at risk production, supply chains and the availability and affordability of the food that sustains millions of African individuals. It is therefore essential to explore proposals to boost climate resilience, enable easy access to markets and confirm food security.   

Agritech refers to modern technology, including drones, sensors, data analysis and digital platforms. By having these elements and combining them correctly, an increase in production levels, the adoption of up-to-date practices and improvements in meeting challenges are made possible. 

It will be a commitment to sustainability which, together with the latest technology, will present cutting-edge projects.  

agricultura-marruecos-economia (1)
Agriculture is one of the foundations of the African economy - PHOTO/FILE

Agriculture is one of the foundations of the African economy. According to World Bank data, 30-40% of Africa's GDP is made up of the agricultural sector. The labour force engaged in this field on the continent is around 65-70%.  

This is why it is important to make the leap that will free the continent from old challenges and outdated practices and allow for a revolution in the sector. Only in this way will it be possible to innovate, grow and achieve more efficient results, all within the framework of sustainable development. 

Gitex Africa 2024 will also open a forum where prominent personalities (namely policy makers, industry leaders and experts in the world of technology) will have a meeting point where cooperation for the development of African agriculture and economy from agricultural technology will be promoted.  

In the last edition, the field of agrotechnology emerged as an emerging and open sphere to be explored - PHOTO/FILE

In the last edition, the field of agrotechnology emerged as an emerging and open sphere to be explored. Now, it is the most important pillar on the agricultural horizon in Africa and is the principle on which the participants of the event held in Morocco are acting to elaborate their new projects. Moreover, compared to the 2023 event, the number of Moroccan startups participating has risen from 100 to 200, a doubling in one year.  

The African continent wants to enjoy sustainable and precision agriculture, as well as being able to boast good resource management. Achieving this will be no easy task, but it is not impossible either.