Morocco hopes to attract 26 million tourists by 2030

Tourism Minister Fatima-Zahra Ammor presented the "Go Siyaha" initiative, which aims to increase support for 1,700 tourism businesses across the country
Plaza Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech en Marruecos - <a href="">Depositphotos</a>
Plaza Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech en Marruecos - Depositphotos
  1. Development of the "Go Siyaha" initiative
  2. Why Morocco?
  3. What did tourism in Morocco represent in 2023?

Morocco is investing 8 billion dollars in the development of the tourism sector, with the aim of attracting 26 million tourists by 2030. Tourism minister Fatima-Zahra Ammor highlights the growing interest of global brands in investing in Morocco and announces an action plan for the period 2023-2026, MoroccoWorldNews reported.

The impact of tourism on the country is increasingly notable. Tourism generated a GDP of $12.5bn in 2023, representing 10% of the country's total GDP and an increase of 3.4% over 2022; and generated 250,000 direct and indirect jobs, representing 5% of all jobs in the country. 

"The 'Go Siyaha' initiative is a great step forward to support small and medium tourism enterprises in our country. We hope this will help boost the economic growth and development of the tourism sector." - Fatima-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism. 

During a hearing at the House of Representatives, the minister underlined the growing interest of "world-famous brands" to invest in Morocco. Foreign investment is needed to accelerate and expand investments, especially in the tourism and entertainment sectors, she said. 

La ministra de Turismo Artesanía y Economía Social y Solidaria, Fatima Zahra Ammor - PHOTO/GUILLERMO LOPEZ
Fatima Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy - PHOTO/GUILLERMO LOPEZ

The Moroccan government is also working to implement a new tourism development plan for the period 2025-2030, which includes the construction of new hotels, airports and roads.

Development of the "Go Siyaha" initiative

The "Go Siyaha" initiative aims to support small and medium-sized tourism businesses in Morocco by providing training and funding to help these businesses grow and develop. The initiative also seeks to foster collaboration between tourism businesses and financial institutions to support the growth of the tourism sector. 

Tourists visiting Morocco - PHOTO/ARCHIVO

The minister proudly presented the "Go Siyaha" initiative, which she said aims to increase support to 1,700 tourism businesses across the country. The action plan for the period 2023-2026 focuses on a new approach to tourism service delivery, prioritising interesting tourism experiences in 9 thematic areas and 5 cross-cutting areas. 

The North African country experienced a strong increase in tourist arrivals in the first five months of 2024, with 15% more than the previous year.  


The positive momentum will continue into the summer, he announced. "We have carefully planned our promotions, air travel options and hotel services to provide customers with exceptional experiences," she said. "The momentum of our tourism industry is undeniable and we look to the future with unwavering determination," she concluded.

Turismo en Marruecos
Tourists visiting Morocco - PHOTO/ARCHIVO

Why Morocco?

Morocco is a travel destination that offers unique and unforgettable experiences. The rich culture and historical heritage are some of the reasons why a visit to the country. In addition, its geographical position is a factor that has supported the development of all Moroccan industries, beyond tourism. The implementation of an investment-friendly climate has led to 5% of tourists investing in the country's economy and 1% settling in the country, according to the Ministry of Tourism. 

The country is characterised by a pleasant climate, with mild temperatures in winter and summer, making it an attractive tourist destination at any time of the year. Morocco's culinary art is another reason why it is such a popular tourist destination. Typical dishes such as tagine and couscous are just some of the best known dishes.  

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Moroccan culinary art - Depositphotos
The city of Marrakech is one of Morocco's most popular tourist destinations, with more than 2 million visitors by 2023 


Arab hospitality is another aspect that makes Morocco an attractive tourist destination. Moroccans are famous for their hospitality and respect towards guests, making them feel comfortable and welcome in the country. Morocco is also a country rich in history and culture, with monuments and cultural heritage worth visiting. 

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Moroccan art  - Depositphotos

What did tourism in Morocco represent in 2023?

In 2023, a total of 5.9 million foreign tourists visited Morocco, an increase of 15% over the previous year. This increase is a clear sign of Morocco's popularity as a tourist destination. 

In addition, tourism in Morocco generated a GDP of 12.5 billion dollars in 2023, up 10% from the previous year. This is a clear indicator of the importance of tourism in the Moroccan economy.

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism in Morocco in 2023, the cities with the most tourists were: 

Marrakech: with more than 2 million visitors in 2023. Marrakech thus becomes the most visited city in Morocco in 2023. The city is famous for its souks and traditional architecture. 

Fez: more than 1.5 million visitors in 2023. Last year, Fez became the second most visited city in Morocco. The city is famous for monuments such as the Al-Attarine Mosque and the Fez Acropolis. 

Chefchaouen, la ciudad azul, al noreste de Marruecos, se ha convertido en uno de los principales destinos turísticos de la región <strong>- PHOTO/ATALAYAR</strong>
Chefchaouen, the blue city in northeastern Morocco, has become one of the region's main tourist destinations - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

Chefchaouen: more than 500,000 people visited "the blue city of Chefchaouen" in 2023. Last year, Chefchaouen became the third most visited city in Morocco. The city is famous for its traditional architecture and its location in the north of Morocco. 

Essaouira: in 2023, more than 300,000 people visited Essaouira, which became the fourth most visited city in Morocco. The city is famous for its traditional architecture and its location on Morocco's Atlantic coast. 

Rabat: with more than 200,000 visitors in 2023, Rabat was the fifth most visited city in Morocco in 2023. 

Una mujer pasa por tiendas en la antigua ciudad marroquí de Fez - AFP/FADEL SENNA
A woman walks past shops in the ancient Moroccan city of Fes - AFP/FADEL SENNA

The majority of tourists visiting Morocco in 2023 came from Europe, and 75% of tourists will come from the African continent. However, the number of tourists from North America and Asia also increased significantly, by 15% and 10% respectively. All according to data from the Ministry. 

To facilitate the stay and arrival of tourists, the expansion of Casablanca International Airport is expected to increase passenger capacity by 50% in the coming years. This is a clear sign of Morocco's growing popularity as a tourist destination worldwide.