The North African kingdom is trying to attract foreign companies and investment - particularly from Spain - by highlighting its stability, the good quality of its infrastructure and its diversified and productive economy

Morocco, a stable country with a vision for the future


Morocco and Spain are experiencing an excellent commercial and economic phase. The High Level Meeting (HLM) last February in Rabat has opened a new era in Spanish-Moroccan relations marked by trust and the will to continue deepening bilateral cooperation in various fields.

In order to increase Spanish investments in Morocco and vice versa, the CEOE has organised the business meeting 'Investing in Morocco for a common prosperity', with the participation of politicians, businessmen and ambassadors from both countries. 

Adil Rais, co-president of CEMAES

In this regard, CEMAES (Morocco-Spain Economic Council) has played a key role due to its relevance in the Spanish-Moroccan trade and economic relations. The co-presidents of the organisation, Adil Rais and Clemente González, addressed the role of CEMAES in boosting private investment between the two nations. 

"CEMAES is in charge of helping and guiding companies so that investment is made in an intelligent way," explained Rais, who presented Spain as "a platform to go further in Europe".

The Moroccan co-president of the organisation announced that the structure for companies that want to invest in the Maghreb country will be reinforced. "We are going on a tour that will take us to all the regions of Spain and we are going to invite them to come to Morocco," he said.

Clemente González, co-chair of CEMAES

Contact between businessmen from both nations is key. For this reason, Rais has asked to "maintain" the ties of closeness so that the situation "gets better and there are no mistakes in investments". 

González, for his part, encouraged Spanish businessmen to invest in their southern neighbour. "Morocco is not only a country with a strong primary sector, it also has an industrial sector. We need to get to know Morocco better", he stressed. He also recalled that supply chains in the industrial field are becoming shorter and closer. "The future is linked to reliability and stability," added the CEMAES co-president.

He also wanted to highlight the relevance and role of the Spanish-Moroccan organisation that he chairs together with Rais. "We are a small organisation, but with many contacts, enthusiasm and desire," González concluded. 

Ali Seddiki, Director General of AMDIE

After CEMAES, it was the turn of AMDIE, the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investment and Exports. Its director general, Ali Seddiki, stressed the stability, market accessibility and competitiveness that Morocco offers. He also pointed out the great investment - promoted by King Mohammed VI - by the authorities in infrastructures, which has made the North African Kingdom the continent's leader in this aspect. Among the national infrastructures, the port of Tangier, the 150 industrial zones, the 19 international airports and its high-speed railway line, the only one of its kind in Africa, stand out. 

In addition to stability, free access to the market and good quality infrastructures, Seddiki highlighted Morocco's privileged geographical position, between Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as its young and qualified human resources and the promotion of green and competitive energy.

María Helena Antolín, Vice-President of ANTOLÍN

For all these reasons, "today, the Kingdom of Morocco offers all the conditions to be a competitive, responsible and credible productive platform", said Seddiki.

Morocco presents itself as "a stable country with a vision for the future". Thanks to the initiatives launched and promoted by Mohammed VI, it has achieved a productive and diversified economy, strengthened human capital, opportunities for all and resilient regions.

On the economic front, the Kingdom is in good shape. National GDP has tripled in less than 20 years, while the inflation rate has remained stable. Moreover, the Maghreb nation presents a 'low security risk', a level similar to that of Spain or France.

Jorge Cosmen, President of ALSA

This optimal economic outlook favours a favourable business environment. Morocco is the most competitive country in North Africa and the most attractive investment destination on the continent. 

Due to this good situation, several Spanish companies have decided to establish themselves in Morocco, such as Antolin, ALSA, Baleria and Erum. All of them have made a positive assessment of their years in the Kingdom, describing the experience as positive. "The people are very well prepared and trained, and there is a lot of help from the Moroccan government", said María Helena Antolín.

On the other hand, Jorge Cosmen, president of ALSA, underlined the modernisation that Morocco has undergone in recent years. "Morocco is the market where we are most satisfied, and we hope to be here for many more years to come," he said.

The President of Balearia, Adolfo Utor

The president of Balearia, Adolfo Utor, for his part, called for the modernisation of maritime infrastructures, assuring that his company "is willing to invest in Morocco". 

Finally, the director of Erum, Jose Carlo Mulero, praised this type of meeting, marked by transparency and honesty. "To do business in Morocco, you have to know it," he said. For this reason, he encouraged people to travel to the North African nation. 

The director of Erum, Jose Carlos Mulero

Within Morocco, one of the cities that offers the most economic and financial opportunities is Casablanca. Said Ibrahimi, executive director of Casablanca Finance City Autority, described the port city as a "gateway to Africa", a continent full of opportunities where Spain wants to become a strategic partner. 

Said Ibrahimi, Executive Director of Casablanca Finance City Autority

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) is an organisation for companies that want to invest in the continent offering political stability and strong regulations. CFC is the first financial centre in Africa and has 15 strong partnerships around the world.

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