The Spanish company thus strengthens its position in Chinese social networks and opens the doors to "other Asian markets such as Singapore and Vietnam".

NI HAO CONECTA, the first Spanish communication platform with an official account on WeChat, China's largest social network.

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NI HAO CONECTA, a communication and business platform between China, Spain and Latin America, has presented its recent official certification in WeChat, the largest social network in China, managed by the technological giant TENCENT and with 1,263 million monthly active users. The Spanish company has thus strengthened its position in China's social networks, guaranteeing all its customers direct access to the Asian market.

During the presentation ceremony, held at the emblematic restaurant EL BUND, in Madrid, renowned personalities from Spain, China and Latin America have endorsed the importance of entering the Chinese social network through this new service offered by NI HAO CONECTA. Ángel Niño, Councillor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council assured that "this is a great opportunity for the entire Spanish business network with internationalisation objectives".

Loreto Sordo, Councillor for the districts of Moncloa-Aravaca and Usera, also recognised the important achievement that this initiative represents as "continuing to strengthen initiatives that promote business opportunities for Spain in the international context is essential to continue building a sustainable economy, something that NI HAO CONECTA has managed to achieve in record time". Sordo also explained the Chinatown project and the objective of turning it into the largest tourism project in Spain.

As moderator of the meeting, Felipe Debasa, historian and expert in China-European Union relations, took stock of the most relevant milestones in the historical framework of relations in the Far East and pointed out the great opportunity that the 50th anniversary of Spain-China diplomatic relations in 2023 represents. 

"Today we are celebrating twice: after months of intense work by our Chinese team in Beijing, we are launching our official account on WeChat and, on the other hand, we are inaugurating our new offices in the heart of Madrid, so that our international clients have a home when they come to Spain", said Laura González Escallada, founder of the platform. In addition, Laura also pointed out the opportunity that this represents for all those entities and clients with internationalisation objectives in Asia, and for the founder "China represents a real opportunity to enter other Asian markets such as Singapore or Vietnam".

This is the first time that a Spanish company, dedicated to communication and business between the three continents, has been awarded a Chinese Government Seal and verified as an official account on WeChat by the Chinese technology giant Tencent. Today's event marks the culmination of a process of several months in which Ni Hao Conecta has used all its effort and enthusiasm to offer this new service to its customers.

The advantages that this new service will offer to NI HAO CONECTA customers are multiplying, given that the influence of social networks in China is a fact and its exponential growth can be verified day by day. Business relations with China can no longer be conceived without the social network WeChat, a platform that not only has communication functions, but is also used by the Chinese to carry out other activities, whether it be searching for information, commercial transactions or as a payment platform with its WeChat Pay version. For the Chinese, WeChat is their trusted network.

The place chosen was the emblematic restaurant EL BUND in Madrid, where Julia Zhou, director of the Mandarin Group, was present to present her global project: the restaurant El Bund, the new menu of Kököchin in Aravaca and her recent bet through Mandarin Gourmet, the fresh pasta and dimsum factory that has launched Sankou, a gourmet Asian food brand.


A benchmark platform for communication and business development between China, Spain and Latin America. Ni HAO CONECTA, acts as a nexus and loudspeaker for Chinese, Spanish and Latin American entrepreneurs with the aim of helping in the internationalisation of business and in the search for synergies between entrepreneurs and companies from the three continents.

Renowned entrepreneurs, businessmen, academics and personalities specialising in the market and business development between the different cultures are the focus of the platform with the aim of reflecting on current affairs and the possibilities in the markets of China, Spain and Latin America.

Within the framework of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Spain in 2023 and the public intention of the Chinese government to strengthen commercial and cultural ties with our country, NI HAO CONECTA aims to promote knowledge and link entrepreneurs, institutional references and professionals from the three cultures.


WeChat, owned by Tencent, is the most popular chat application in China. In recent years, the social network has experienced tremendous growth in the number of global users. In the third quarter of 2021 (latest available data) the company counted more than 1.2 billion users, of which at least 900 million use the app on a daily basis. This data made WeChat the second most used app worldwide, surpassing Facebook Messenger, now with just under 1 billion users.

WeChat dominates the Chinese market, around 79% of the population uses WeChat and there have been no competitors until recently. However, WeChat is unlikely to lose its crown because its features power everyday life interactions. WeChat's business accounts have restrictions designed to prevent companies from spamming users with push notifications. WeChat subscription accounts are designed for media, influencers and organisations, allowing for dynamic and personalised communication, as well as daily messaging.


The MANDARIN GOURMET project arose after having the opportunity to see at El Bund Restaurant, a pioneer establishment in Madrid in offering authentic Chinese cuisine, how much dimsum is loved in Spain.

For a long period we were setting up a factory to offer both noodles and dumplings made following traditional Chinese recipes. After a long period of studying the business, searching for suppliers, location, etc., the Mandarin Gourmet factory was born, with a modern workshop where we prepare the best homemade dimsum, with the most modern Chinese cooking machinery.

Sankou, the gourmet brand of dimsum and Chinese noodles. After the start-up of this factory we are launching a gourmet brand: Sankou, a Chinese word formed by 2 characters: san is 3 and kou is mouth. Sankou means delight, good taste and represents our interest in presenting exceptional products in terms of quality and taste.