About a dozen people were arrested by the Polisario Front police and taken to the prison of Dhebiya

Arrests in Rabuni following protests against Polisario Front repression

Campo de refugiados en el Sáhara
photo_camera Refugee camp in the Sahara

About ten people, most of them young people, were arrested in the last hours by the Polisario Front Police and taken to the prison of Dhebiya.

The events took place on Monday during a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the Secretary General of the Polisario Front in protest against the arrest a month ago of the young Mohamed Salem Ould Sueid who, together with other young people, immobilised for a day a tanker dedicated to the sale of fuel on behalf, allegedly, of a senior Polisario leader and in protest against corruption.

According to sources of the Movement Saharawi for Peace (MSP), the youths arrested in the last hours were participating in a protest led by the family of Mohamed Salem Sueid who has been held for a month in Dhebiya prison where he was allegedly tortured by the Polisario security forces.

Campamento de refugiados en Tinduf, al sur de Argelia
Refugee camp at Tindouf, southern Algeria

For the last three months the Polisario security forces have been maintaining tight controls in the refugee camps in Algeria, where dozens of people have been arrested.
The Saharawi Association for the Defence of Human Rights (ASADEDH) also denounced the serious repression suffered by defenceless civilian demonstrators who were demonstrating in front of the Polisario General Secretariat demanding the release of the Spanish citizen of Saharawi origin, Mohamed Salem Uld Sueid, an anti-corruption and anti-fraud activist, arrested on 6 May last.
ASADEDH pointed out that during this repression committed by the forces of repression of the Polisario, several people were injured, including the sister of the detainee, Jreifina Salem Sueid, and at least eight people were arrested, including the well-known human rights defender in the camps, El Hossein Sidi Mousa, who were handcuffed and violently transferred to the dreaded prison of Dhebiya near the Algerian city of Tindouf.

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