Morocco and France enter a new phase in their relations after several diplomatic crises

France reiterates its "clear and constant support" for Morocco's Sahara plan

El ministro francés de Asuntos Exteriores, Stéphane Séjourné, y el jefe de la diplomacia marroquí, Nasser Bourita - PHOTO/@Marocdiplo_EN
French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné and the head of Moroccan diplomacy, Nasser Bourita - PHOTO/@Marocdiplo_EN

In an attempt to improve bilateral relations after several diplomatic crises, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Séjourné, has paid an official visit to Morocco.   

During his stay in Rabat, Séjourné reiterated the "clear and constant support" of Paris for the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara.  

"This is an existential question for Morocco, and we know it", the head of French diplomacy declared during a press conference with his Moroccan counterpart, Nasser Bourita. 

"Morocco can count on France's clear and constant support" for its autonomy plan, he added, according to AFP. "We have said it before and I say it again today even more forcefully: now is the time to move forward. I will personally see to it", he stressed. 

In this sense, the French minister announced that he wants to encourage and promote "the development" of this region, while supporting "Moroccan efforts" to achieve this goal. 

"Morocco has invested heavily in development projects for the benefit of local populations and in terms of training, renewable energies, tourism, blue economy linked to aquatic resources," Séjourné explained, referring to the numerous development projects promoted by Rabat. 

In addition to reiterating Paris' support for Rabat's plan for the region, Séjourné's visit is intended to "open a new chapter" in relations between Morocco and France, a diplomatic source told AFP.  

During his visit, the French minister also proposed a "cutting-edge" partnership with Morocco for the next 30 years, focusing in particular on renewable energies, training and "the development of new innovative industrial ecosystems".

"France is a distinguished partner of Morocco at the political, economic and humanitarian levels," said the head of Moroccan diplomacy, Nasser Bourita. 

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