The building will open its doors in the summer, although the exact date is not known, and Nasser Bourita is expected to visit the nation as a sign of good understanding between the two countries

Israel anuncia la inminente apertura de la Embajada de Marruecos en el país

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After a year of waiting, the news is finally confirmed. Israel announces the new opening of a Moroccan embassy in the country. This was confirmed by Yair Lapid, head of Israeli diplomacy, after a press conference a few days ago. No exact details have yet been given as to when this new phase of good diplomatic relations will officially begin, but it will be available from this summer onwards.

Lapid did say that Nasser Bourita, the Kingdom's Foreign Minister, is expected to pay an official visit to the Hebrew state to welcome the embassy. Thus, once again, the relationship between the two peoples, which is constantly developing, is once again being consolidated.

The opening of the embassy has been on the table for a year now, and the Moroccan authorities announced it last year. Moreover, this coincided with the Kingdom's decision to transform its liaison offices into official embassies. According to the media covering the news, this new delegation will be located in the city of Tel Aviv, although other sources stated that it will be in Jerusalem. 


These changes corresponded with Yair Lapid's visit to the Alawi kingdom in the summer of last year. This trip was a historic moment in Moroccan-Israeli relations, marking a turning point in ties between the two nations.

"Following our visit to Morocco, we have decided, together with the Moroccan Foreign Ministry, to raise the level of diplomatic relations with the Kingdom and transform the two Liaison Offices into two Embassies within two months," Lapid said on his visit to the Maghreb country.

The head of Israeli diplomacy stayed in Morocco for two days, where he took it upon himself to accentuate relations between the two sides. In addition to the announcement of the opening, Lapid also inaugurated the Israeli diplomatic mission in Rabat and was responsible first-hand for signing several cooperation agreements.

David Govrin, Moroccan Ambassador to Israel

Although the opening of the embassy comes later than expected, the two countries began working on the next steps to establish the embassy last year. In October 2021, the Hebrew country announced that Morocco already had an ambassador on its territory. David Govrin accepted his new position as ambassador after moving from being the director of the Israel Liaison Office in Rabat. 


"I am honoured to share with my followers and friends around the world the news of my appointment as the official ambassador of the State of Israel to Morocco," the new ambassador said via his Twitter account. 

The Abraham Accords, the push to establish relations between the two countries

22 December 2020 was a key day for Morocco and Israel. The two countries jointly signed the normalisation and restoration of their relations after years of tension and no contact. This new treaty, orchestrated under the administration of former US President Donald Trump, has allowed the Hebrew state to improve ties with some Arab nations and has developed new ties and forms of cooperation between all parties involved.

Since that time, the two countries have not stopped establishing agreements and treaties in key sectors of their economies. These have been determining factors that have shown that Morocco and Israel have left the past behind and see a joint future of peace and stability.

It is worth noting that during the period when the agreements were formalised, the US administration announced the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the territory of Western Sahara. As a result, Israel was also part of this recognition, opening the door for other regions of the world to do the same. In this way, the Moroccan plan reaffirms itself as the only way to impose peace in an area of conflict and tension.

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