The two nations intend with this memorandum to work on the promotion of new joint projects in the field of aviation, as well as a development centre

Marruecos e Israel firman un nuevo acuerdo en el sector aeroespacial

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Diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel continue on their path to success and the two countries are constantly creating new commercial agreements to cooperate in different fields. Now, the two nations have signed a new memorandum of understanding to cooperate in the field of aerospace. This was done by Ryad Mezzour, Moroccan Minister of Industry, together with Amir Peretz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Israel Aerospace Industries. 

The two parties signed this agreement, which shows once again that things are getting better and better between the two territories. "Another step in the field of creating a new partnership between Israel Aerospace Industries and the aerospace sector in Morocco," Peretz confirmed in a statement. 

Both the Alawite kingdom and the Hebrew nation have issued a joint statement calling the memorandum of understanding a "strategic partnership". It also clarifies that a new aerospace research and development centre is to be established and built.  


The objective of this new agreement is also simple. In the words of Israel Aerospace Industries president and CEO Boaz Levy, the aim is to start collaborating on a number of ideas and proposals in the industry. "The memorandum of understanding will contribute to the promotion of joint and commercial projects in the aviation sector," Levy confirmed. 

Likewise, this new document is an extension of a joint declaration in this field. Following the Abraham Accords and the first collaborative moves, a memorandum of understanding was signed in December 2020 that underlines the interest of the two countries to start expanding and working together in the fields of investment and technology.  

"It is a response to national priorities in terms of promoting advanced training, employment, local industries and research and development," the Moroccan Minister of Industry said of this first agreement. 

Since setting out on a new path to improve bilateral relations and start cooperating, Morocco and Israel have shown that they are at one of their diplomatic high points. The two countries have been involved in the signing of numerous agreements that are vital for both the Moroccan and Israeli economies. 


These documents are in various key sectors of each country's economy. The latest moves confirm the two nations' interest in collaborating in the field of high technology. Morocco seeks to encourage this industry in the Kingdom through the investment of Israeli companies and investors to set up and take this sector to a higher level in the North African nation. 

Another of these more recent memoranda, which again demonstrate the good understanding between the two nations, is in the construction sector. Israel, this time, wants to attract Moroccan craftsmen, specialised in plaster engraving, to settle in the Hebrew nation and start working there. To this end, they want to treat the plaster workers with various offers such as free accommodation and free travel allowance, as well as a salary of between 20,000 and 30,000 dirhams a month.  

For almost two years now, Morocco and Israel have resumed cooperative ties after years of tension and the closure of embassies and diplomatic channels. The Abraham Accords, signed in 2020 by the Hebrew country and other Arab nations and orchestrated under the hand of Donald Trump's presidency in the United States, has hinted at the interest of all these territories in returning to cooperation, and this has been and continues to be demonstrated over time.  

Since then, there have been diplomatic trips between senior officials of the two countries, as well as the signing of new cooperation documents. All indications are that the Kingdom and Israel are embarking on a new path that will reap great economic rewards and lead to great projects for both nations. 

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