The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) welcomed tens of thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts from all over the Emirates to the exhibition

19th ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi comes to a successful conclusion

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The 19th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) concluded on Sunday evening, under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the ruler's representative in the Al-Dhafra Region and president of the UAE Falconers Club. 

The largest falconry and equestrian art fair in the Arab world was a huge success with tens of thousands of outdoor sports and activities enthusiasts visiting the fair, including falconry, horse riding, archery, land hunting and sea fishing, all of which are closely linked to Emirati heritage. 


For the second time in its history, ADIHEX was held for seven uninterrupted days from 26 September to 2 October. Over the course of a week, the event in the Emirati capital was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) with more than 150 live activities, workshops, presentations and exciting edutainment events, including innovative competitions and traditional live sporting performances, as Majid Ali al-Mansour, chairman of the Senior Organising Committee and secretary general of the Emirates Falconers Club, explained. 

Among the more than one hundred shows, the activities organised by the Emirates Falconers Club stood out, as falconry occupies a very important place in Emirati culture and heritage. A must-visit for all lovers of this art in relation to a traditional sector, but which has also been impregnated with the latest new technologies and advances that its enthusiasts were able to enjoy in Abu Dhabi. 


Alongside the environment and nature, the arts and crafts sector also had a presence at the fair to showcase the products of Emirati artists and creators showcasing the national artistic cultural heritage.  

The protection of the environment and the ecosystem and animal protection also featured prominently at ADIHEX, with a view to raising awareness throughout society, especially among young people, of the importance of protecting nature for a healthy planet today and for future generations.


Majid Ali al-Mansour stressed that ADIHEX is not only an international forum for experts in the hunting sector or for falconry and equestrian fanatics, but hosts several participations of artisans that are in harmony with the essence and content of the event, which embodies history and heritage and simulates the ancient environment, as they are derived from the authentic customs and traditions of the UAE. This helps to ensure sustainability and the promotion of handicrafts, as Middle East Online recalled.

Among the activities enjoyed by ADIHEX visitors were falcon, camel and horse auctions, horse riding, archery and birds of prey shows, a competition for the most beautiful captive-bred falcons, a salukis beauty contest and live heritage shows. In addition, the exhibition offered a unique live simulation experience for archery enthusiasts in an ideal and safe environment. Shooting and marksmanship activities were also scheduled for beginners and professionals using hunting rifles and specific bows and arrows; visitors also had the opportunity to explore the latest archery equipment and watch live performances, such as horseback archery.

In addition, children enjoyed workshops and educational activities to interact with their favourite animals, such as ponies, horses, dogs and birds, and learn how to care for them and treat them properly from an early age. 


The fair also provided a meeting place for business people linked to all the above-mentioned sectors that promote the development of the outdoor sector and various outdoor sports. 

Another interesting element of ADIHEX was the participation of the Sheikh Zayed Maritime Heritage Museum, which offered a living archaeological and cultural definition of the sea in the history of the Emirates. Walking through the exhibition, one could enjoy the sight of sailboats and sailors weaving nets and displaying gadgets linked to their fishing activity. The Sheikh Zayed Maritime Heritage Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and continues to showcase part of the Emirati cultural and heritage legacy.

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