The programme analyses the latest summit of South American presidents in Brasilia, the development of the war in Ukraine and the crisis between Serbia and Kosovo

"De cara al mundo": international analysis on Onda Madrid

photo_camera De cara al mundo

"De cara al mundo", the programme on Onda Madrid directed and presented by Javier Fern谩ndez Arribas, director of Atalayar, deals with international current affairs every week.

The South American presidents came to Brasilia at the invitation of President Lula da Silva, giving the heads of state of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela, as well as the Prime Minister of Peru, the opportunity to spend practically the entire day together, exchanging opinions and analyses in a climate of closeness and trust.

Although the meeting was originally convened to think together about how to promote South American integration, it was also the occasion to seal the diplomatic rehabilitation of Venezuela's Nicol谩s Maduro. Bruno Lima Rocha, Brazilian journalist and political scientist and professor of International Relations, will explain the global situation in South America in the programme.

The war in Ukraine continues. Attacks on Russian territory by anti-Putin militias create a new dimension of the Russian invasion of Ukraine where intense Russian bombardment of Ukrainian cities is intended to use up the ammunition of Kiev's anti-aircraft systems. Volidimir Zelenski, at the Western Summit in Moldova, calls for more Patriot batteries and F-16s to defend against Russian attacks. Meanwhile, within NATO, disagreements persist over sending fighter jets because some believe it would be equivalent to going to war with Russia. Journalist Mar铆a Senovilla and Lucas Mart铆n, an expert international analyst, will talk on "De cara al mundo" about the latest details of the war on Ukrainian territory. 

As every Friday, the discussion will be led by Atalayar's regular contributors, Claudia Luna, Mexican journalist and writer, and Pedro Gonz谩lez, journalist and founder of Euronews, coordinated by Javier Fern谩ndez Arribas. They will talk about the war in Ukraine, the crisis between Serbia and Kosovo and the political situation in Latin America with the latest summit of presidents in Brasilia.

"De cara al mundo", Friday 2 June from 22:05 to 23:00.

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"De cara al mundo": international analysis on Onda Madrid