The programme analyses the war between Israel and Hamas with the breaking of the truce and the war in Ukraine

"De cara al mundo": international analysis on Onda Madrid

photo_camera De cara al mundo

"De cara al mundo", the programme on Onda Madrid directed and presented by Javier Fern√°ndez Arribas, director of Atalayar, tackles world current affairs every week. 

The truce between Israel and Hamas was broken. A rocket launched by Hamas has provoked Israel's reaction, which has bombed targets in the Gaza Strip. A terrorist attack in Jerusalem with three Israelis killed already put the continuation of the truce in very difficult conditions. Meanwhile, the Israeli state recalled its ambassador to Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordon, for consultations over comments made by Pedro S√°nchez, the Spanish President of the Government, regarding the Israeli response after the attack by Hamas on 7 October. International analyst Lucas Mart√≠n will analyse the key issues surrounding the Gaza conflict.  

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine continues. Russia continues its massive bombardment of cities in Ukraine and a Spanish soldier who was fighting with the Ukrainians has lost his life. Journalist and correspondent Mar√≠a Senovilla will explain the situation on the ground in Ukraine. 

As every Friday, the discussion will be led by Atalayar's regular contributors, Claudia Luna, Mexican journalist and writer, and Pedro Gonz√°lez, journalist and founder of Euronews, coordinated by Javier Fern√°ndez Arribas. They will talk about the war between Israel and Hamas and the war in Ukraine.  

"De cara al mundo", Friday 1 December from 22:05 to 23:00. 

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