There are several US universities that are a great option for students from all over the world

Public Schools with the Most International Students


Students often want to study at colleges in the U.S. It isn’t always easy for them to gain admission. They have to go through the same admissions process as American students. This may involve proving their English skills with test scores. This doesn’t deter them, and there are currently many foreign students in U.S. colleges. The colleges mentioned below have the most international students. 

New York University

New York University has over 20,000 international students. They come from over 140 countries. The university has many resources to help them to adjust to academic life. An Office of Global Services offers various resources. The Student Center hosts events for prospective applicants all throughout the year. Students have many ways to connect with others. For example, they can join foreign student organizations. They can also take part in the annual International Education Week. 

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Columbia University

Columbia University has over 17,000 international students. They come from about 145 countries. The Students and Scholars Office offers them various resources. It assists with immigration-related needs. It may assist them in getting student visas. They can also join one of the many organizations on campus.  


Indiana University 

Indiana University has over 6,000 international students. The applicants can take a virtual tour of the campus. They can find out more about campus life from current ones. The Office of International Services connects international students with ambassadors. 

Talking to an ambassador can help them to find out what it’s like to attend the university. Ambassadors can do a great deal to help them adjust. For instance, they will direct them to the resources they need. They can also join various organizations. They can attend events such as International Education Week. 

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California has almost 10,000 international students. They come from about 135 countries around the world. The Office of International Services provides resources for them. One of them is a magazine that highlights learner’s accomplishments. There are also various workshops to assist them. These workshops may help them with green card requirements, employment opportunities etc. 

Arizona State University

Arizona State University serves over 10,000 international learners. It also has many international faculty members. The International Students and Scholars Center assists everyone with the right resources. It provides workshops on practical subjects such as communication skills and employment. Events like Coffee and Conversation Hour allow new people to connect. There are many organizations on campus. The university also has a network of alumni. 

University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles, serves over 12,000 international students. Its International Institute maintains centers and academic programs. The programs focus on topics such as global health and international development. Ambassadors help new ones and ease their transition to academic life. 

The Dashew Center offers resources, support and advocacy for foreign students. They can prepare for tests and exams at the International Study Hall. The university organizes day trips on a quarterly basis for them. This gives them a chance to explore the local surroundings.  

Purdue University

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, serves over 8,000 foreign students. They come from about 130 countries. It also has many international faculty members. It is a top school for the ones wanting to pursue STEM disciplines. The International Students and Scholars Program offers everyone a variety of resources. 

These relate to immigration, admissions and academics. An International Friendship program matches foreign students with members of the community. Local families may host foreign students in the winter holidays. They can join many different clubs and organizations on campus. 


International students can add diversity to a college. They help to enrich the experience of others on campus. Some of the admission standards for the above colleges are high. Yet they enjoy a variety of resources to help them. Many universities connect students with ambassadors. They help them to adjust to university life and find resources. Students can also attend many events and join student organizations. 

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