It's freedom, compatriots

PHOTO/Casa de S.M. el Rey - Vista general del hemiciclo durante la intervención de Su Majestad el Rey durante su intervención en la apertura de la XV Legislatura
photo_camera PHOTO/His Majesty the King's House - General view of the Chamber during His Majesty the King's speech at the opening of the XV Legislature

King Felipe VI has inaugurated the last Legislature of Democracy. The last one. Forty-six years after the first general elections, freedom and equality are in danger. The monarch quoted the word Constitution nine times and left this message charged with the future: "We have the obligation to bequeath to young people a solid and united Spain.鈥疶o preserve Unity; this is the sacred duty of the Crown".  

The solemn opening ceremony conveyed an image of concern for the convulsive times we are living through following the internal and international drift of the new social-communist government and its fellow travellers. Don Felipe reminded Princess Leonor that "the Magna Carta is the soul of our democracy and the framework that allows us to coexist and prosper in freedom".  

The Head of State called for understanding, recognition of differences, respect and overcoming divisions. And he asked Members to "honour the spirit of the Law of Laws, to respect it and to comply with it". So be it.  

It was the royal speech that corresponded to this critical moment; many Spaniards expected a similar message to that of 3 October 2017, naturally. The times are different. His countenance expressed better than anything else the difficult situation we are going through. Uncertainty is all-pervasive. Long applause for the King. We will not weep for the absent.鈥  

Plurinational Spain  

The session was opened by the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, dressed in an outfit that conveyed moir茅 and distorted her television image. The goddesses took their revenge with their elegance. Her "look" matched her unfocused speech. She would have been excellent in a Valencian PSOE grouping.鈥  

Her sectarianism - Sanchez is her only god - is greater than her institutional duty. An example: of the eleven best laws passed in democracy, ten were socialist (Gonz谩lez, Zapatero, S谩nchez) and only one popular - the abolition of compulsory military service - by Aznar.鈥  

From the very moment of her appointment we knew from her political behaviour that for her it is better to be a socialist than a democrat. The lions in the palace roar, although they are not surprised to see that the text came out of the Moncloa Factory.鈥  

Plurinational and progressive Spain always ahead. Moving forward. Propaganda from Ferraz. He failed to wrap himself in the Spanish flag.鈥疉rmengol was very interested in defending the legitimacy of the government, the amnesty law, deflecting the ghosts of tension and noise. Her favourite word, however, was dialogue. She did not talk about the wall that the president built on the day of his investiture.鈥  

Madam President, the Spanish people did not vote for the amnesty law on 23-July. And another point that you forget: Parliament does not represent popular sovereignty; national sovereignty resides with the people.鈥疐rancina, once again, officiated as a Sanchista militant. Then she complained that PP and VOX did not applaud her. Easy, seeing her lack of neutrality.鈥

We are facing the most abrupt legislature of the Transition. However long it lasts, it will be a martyrdom for decent citizens.  

Feij贸o was able to govern  

In reality, the opening of the parliamentary term will begin next Saturday, 1,400 kilometres away from the Congress of Deputies in Geneva, where the Government will undergo its first partial examination - there will be one every month - verified by some "accompaniers" who are paid a millionaire for always harming governments that have surrendered to blackmail.鈥  

HD (the Henry Dunant Foundation) was the same foundation that mediated the charade of ETA giving up its weapons. It is known that the parties pay emoluments proportionally. Better in cash. The minutes are the best kept secret in Swiss banking.鈥疶hey call it a confidentiality clause.鈥  

If the interlocutors are officially PSOE, Junts and ERC, will the three parties, i.e. us, pay the bills or, on the contrary, will Moncloa, with reserved funds, generously provide the money so that, from outside the EU, HD can remotely monitor the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary?鈥  

"Democracy is", as Adolfo Su谩rez taught us, "knowing where every peseta of the taxpayer goes". We would like to know the exact price of betrayal.鈥  

The "honourable" fugitive Puigdemont was the third protagonist from Brussels. He threatened Pedro S谩nchez with dropping him if his demands are not met and trafficked his 7 votes for the PP to present a motion of censure, when appropriate. A criminal. So Alberto N煤帽ez Feij贸o could have reigned if he had swallowed the Catalan coup-maker's conditions.鈥"I won't let Puigdemont make me president; S谩nchez will", said the PP leader on the steps of Congress.鈥  

The "lawfare" is the head of the Godfather's horse, assured the ex-convergent. In other words, pure mafia. The fugitive explained it as follows: "it is a warning to judges and politicians who have interrupted the independence process. We are serious".鈥疉nd so we are.鈥  

As of today, there are already two commissions created specifically in Congress to settle accounts for the "Pegasus case" and another to review the 1-O trials. We expect nothing from the former until the President of the Government himself explains what information was taken from his personal phone. Israel has the last word. Of the second, the conclusions will be a direct threat to judges and prosecutors.鈥  

Absolutist government  

Just when we thought that the president had given the worst of himself, he surprises us and goes even further. He reshuffles the cabinet without cutting a single ministry. Little did he learn from UCD's ethics and austerity that should guide the civil service.鈥  

He has got rid of the most enthusiastic of those who preached that there would never be an amnesty (Miquel Iceta) and has appointed as minister plenipotentiary the Count-Duke of Bola帽os, who concentrates the three powers of the state in one. Presidency (Executive), Relations with the Courts (Legislative) and Justice (Judicial), as well as the Attorney General's Office, the State Attorney's Office, the Court of Auditors, the Spanish Football Federation and the Chief Counsel of the Lower House from the illustrious lineage of the Elola-Olaso family.鈥  

With premeditation, night and premeditation, the TC is already in their hands for the operation "dismantling of the Transition of 78".鈥  

The change from a European democracy to an authoritarian regime has begun. Now, Bola帽os' most desired target is the CGPJ. Two years ago Moncloa clipped his appointment wings. A deficit of more than 100 vacancies of magistrates to fill positions in the TC, the Supreme Court, the National Court, the Provincial Courts and the High Courts of Justice. A complete podemisation of the judiciary.鈥  

Bola帽os has returned triumphant from his trip to Brussels.鈥"Only the renewal of the Council is of interest there; the amnesty, zero, zero", he boasted.鈥疶his is a biased version.鈥  

If the PP gives in, this hundred or so high-ranking members of the judiciary, the vast majority of whom have been hand-picked, will dynamite the judiciary until the end of the century.鈥  

All together: the first lesson has already been passed. The Supreme Court disavowed Attorney General 脕lvaro Garc铆a Ortiz for "misuse of power" in the illegal appointment of his bosom friend Dolores Delgado.鈥  

The Salamanca native has suffered a double blow: in three days. He has also been rejected for his lack of professional suitability for the post. The executive's immediate response was intimidating: "The attorney general has been renewed until 2027 given his immaculate record of service".  

The SC's rejection of the government's appointment of Magdalena Valerio as president of the Council of State, as she does not meet the indispensable requirement of being a jurist of recognised prestige, will confirm her in her office at 79 Calle Mayor because the reports are not binding.  

This is the new PSOE, the PSOE of absolute power, "the roller", the PSOE of frentism in Congress and the hammer of the judges of the "true amnesty" to build, brick by brick, the wall of tyranny. An infinite Tinell pact in which Spain is split not in half, but in pieces, part by part.  

On one side, theirs, those of the manger, those of the privileges, the vertical trade unionists, the RTVE talk-show hosts at 11,000 euros gross per quarter, those of the rupture, those who insult the King, the democratic institutions and the Constitution. On the other side, PP, VOX, the scrapers of Ciudadanos, the thieving businessmen, the prevaricating judges, the lawyers, the self-employed, the pissed-off civil society and the journalists who don't fall for the lies in their millstones.  

The obscene groping of the attorney general with the deputy attorney general Yolanda D铆az a few metres from the Royal Family, in the presence of the lord of the robes mired in the dust of the road, Cardinal Conde Pumpido, augurs the worst. The most immediate precedents: Argentina and Venezuela.鈥  

S谩nchez, after his glorious trip to the Middle East, has become the new Egyptian Nasser: the leader of the non-aligned with the support of the Puebla Group, where Cuba and Colombian-Venezuelan drug trafficking shower all the world's anti-capitalists and anti-Zionists with populism and millions, with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian ayatollahs, Beijing, Pyongyang and Moscow at its apex.鈥  

As always, communism as a rallying point and totalitarian philosophy. This mastodonic Executive intends to live for 1,000 years. At least, until 2031 to commemorate the I Centenary of the II Republic and the advent of the III.鈥  

I read in the press on the last day of November that Spain is now exhausting all its income and will live on credit until the end of the year. Suffice it to recall that our purchasing power has fallen since the Rajoy motion until 2007.鈥  

This will be a legislature designed to make lies sound truthful, to give solidity to amnestied criminals, to erase the near past, not that of the Historical Memory; it will be a time to sow hatred and division in all directions. An absolutist, Bonapartist and nepotistic government. Bola帽os has already placed 脫scar Puente's sister in charge of technological innovation in Justice. Family first.鈥  

Amnesty as business  

S谩nchez's actions in his first three weeks in office have been heroic: getting down on his knees before Puigdemont and his Swiss "companions", accepting the false story and the text written by the coup leaders themselves, paying the bills for their wastefulness, allowing "lawfare" to scare judges and prosecutors, and establishing four security cordons in his travels - the Monarch has two - to shield his bad conscience.鈥  

Last week, in a Madrid residence hall, he demanded that the windows of the Residence not be opened so that he would not be booed. It was an ordinary measure of the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall regimes. Fear of freedom. As if that were not enough, his deputy Yolanda D铆ez has threatened Thursdays for prevarication, as if they were all Garz贸n, the newlywed, and has demanded that Netanyahu be tried in Spain for crimes of genocide. Broken relations.鈥  

The pressure from the street began to worry him a little when the people demonstrated every night in front of Ferraz 70, without being able to say the rosary.  

The Madrid protests in Felipe II, in Col贸n, Cibeles and in the Plaza Mayor of all our provincial capitals in the last two months, he has countered them with a self-homage in IFEMA, where ZP - 12,500 euros a month by accumulating his positions as ex-president and state councillor - acted as a curtain-raiser for the civil war.鈥  

The PSOE brought together 9,000 supporters wrapped in brand new Spanish flags. On the way out, the attendees were delighted to come to the capital for free. "We are with S谩nchez, whatever he does and whatever he says". He hasn't fooled them with the amnesty? "No, he's changed his mind, that's all".  

This is the new Sanchista religion; all indoctrinated by the new Ministry of Youth and Children, singing Snowy Mountains under the baton of Sira Rego.鈥  

His trip to the Middle East has been the most recent and serious failure. He has poisoned diplomatic relations with Israel, with the European Union and has dynamited the Barcelona Forum by excluding Israel's participation after his meeting with Netanyahu. The Spanish ambassador in Tel Aviv has just been urgently recalled for consultations due to the declarations of the statesman S谩nchez to TVE for his "frank doubts" that Israel complies with International Humanitarian Law. And yet they have been in a truce for a week.鈥疕e does not learn.鈥  

Tin-pot patriotism  

What is new is that the present is obsessed with social mobilisation on the streets. For this reason, he has begun his offensive in the Moncloa-friendly media. On public television he has raged against the opposition - the right and the extreme right - whom he accuses of forcing him into the hands of the coup plotters.鈥  

In his tin-pot patriotic victimhood he made it clear that this is a business.鈥疨uigdemont and Co. return home for Christmas (or in spring) clean as a whistle and, in exchange, he continues to rule the Moncloa.鈥  

He has already accepted the false nationalist narrative - "the PP was responsible for the 1-O coup" - and the judges "should never have brought a political matter to court".鈥疶he blame always lies elsewhere.鈥  

President Gonz谩lez has once again preached in the desert, very belatedly recalling "that amnesty is not a pardon and that it damages democracy". Don Pedro doesn't care, compa帽ero.鈥  

Meanwhile, public spending is soaring by 7 million per hour, the tax burden is already the highest in Europe, for the second year in a row there will be no deflation of personal income tax and Repsol is threatening to invest outside our country "due to the lack of legal certainty". Unemployment is eternal.  

The president's roadmap is to hide in his presidential palace and pay whatever it costs in cash, whatever separatism asks of him. Before the end of the year, they'll wrest the secession referendum from him.  

I asked a Catalan senator what would happen if the citizens rejected it.鈥"Nothing would happen, we would try again until they say yes". In other words, amnesty without repentance because the blackmail will be permanent in order to break the unity of Spain.鈥  

On 13 December, Pedro S谩nchez will appear before the EP to give an account of his interim presidential administration. As he did not present any commitments, his summary will be brilliant: I have managed to stop the extreme right in Spain, I am going to proclaim the Palestinian state, I have discredited Israel, the United States and... even the KKK.鈥  

Let's see what he has to say about the amnesty that erases the crimes of terrorism, coup-plotting and embezzlement of public funds. But he will claim that all his policies will benefit the PP above all in the future. His cynicism remains intact.鈥  

The political outlook of this advanced pupil of Klemens von Metternich is simple: destroy the PSOE, tear Spain apart, confuse the EU with the recognition of the Palestinian state and introduce into his world the podemite postulates that will lead us to ruin. The result is the distancing of Paris, London, Rome, The Hague, Algiers, Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv.鈥  

The end of the Transition  

We are at the beginning of an explosive, toxic and survivalist Legislature.鈥  

No budget can placate all the rights of Spain's enemies. The radicalisation of his parliamentary partners will force S谩nchez himself to become indispensable. His authoritarianism will turn into absolutism, lie by lie until the final collapse. Sanchismo is a steamroller against freedom and democracy.  

And I wrote that amnesty - self-amnesty - is corruption. And this Executive will put an end to all corruption in two days. How? Very simple: by legalising it. The amnesty is moving forward. The new time of unstoppable progressivism has begun. The laws of this legislature will be fluid, flexible and enabling. Hard work for the opposition. They are not looking for stability.  

We are still left with resistance and street mobilisations. Felipe II, Col贸n, Puerta del Sol, Cibeles, Templo de Debod...鈥  

This will be, perhaps, the last legislature of our democracy. The supreme aim is to prevent alternation. The negation of democracy.鈥  

The supreme leader plagiarised in his last socialist mass bath the English slogan of World War II, "Keep calm and carry on". More than two million leaflets were recycled into pulp because it did not take off as a message to the public. But the following slogan, which S谩nchez deliberately omitted, was successful: "Freedom is in danger. Let us defend it".  

We read in Cicero that "to be free men we must be slaves of the law. Without the rule of law there are no liberties. Only fear, hunger and terror. To defend our Transition let us return to the streets. On Sunday at the Cuartel de la Monta帽a, right next to the Plaza de Espa帽a, with Don Quixote and Sancho, who will join us in our demand.鈥  

See you at the Tempo de Debod converted into the tempo of hope, Sunday at noon. Sunday at noon, welcome!  

Antonio REGALADO directs "BAH脥A DE 脥TACA" at: aregaladoridriguez.blogspot.com