State of emergency

Congreso de los Diputados
photo_camera Congreso de los Diputados

Let's start at the end because it will be the beginning of a new regime: dictatorship. If Dr. Sánchez, in office or invested, grants amnesty to the fugitive from justice Carles Puigdemont and his coup plotters, the Transition and democracy will be over. 

With the rule of law and the Constitution of '78 undermined, we will enter directly into the reign of nazional-socialism. Or communism. That's a big deal. Pre-emptive surrender would lead directly to inequality and national confrontation. That is what they are looking for. Democrats against authoritarian populists.

We learned from President Suárez that "nationalists are nationalists before democrats". Now we have to include the socialists in the pack. The government spokeswoman has accused Aznar of being a coup leader for calling on society to take to the streets with civic energy to say enough is enough! The most serious thing is that this PSOE has definitively abandoned the constitutional path. 

Alberto Núñez-Feijóo y Pedro Sánchez
Alberto Núñez-Feijóo and Pedro Sánchez

A troubled world

Morocco suffers from the Atlas mountains (3,000 dead); the deserts of Libya are flooded after the bursting of two dams (8,000 dead).  Greece burns and floods on all four sides at the same time (180 families broken) and Spain suffers from a DANA that has left seven dead in Madrid and Toledo. 

Algeria opens its prisons and exports criminals to Almeria, Granada and the Balearic Islands. Arancha weeps inconsolably for so much love poured out. India gathers a G-20 surrendered to China and Russia with a new Ibero-American apostle, Brazil; the EU and the USA have not been able to condemn Putin for the invasion of Ukraine. King Jong-un spreads his terror and hunger to Central Europe. And Africa "enjoys" fourteen wars with two recent coups d'état, where hatred of colonialism justifies submission to jihadism, Moscow and Beijing.   

Petro and AMLO want to put an end to coca with a lot of love. Venezuela has "exported" 7.7 million decent people. Chile recovers its historical memory 50 years later and Washington pays tribute to the compatriots who died in the attack of 9/11/2001 at 2:14 p.m. Our televisions deliberately forgot about the American tragedy. 

This is the picture that can be seen from the bridge of today. An uncertainty that does not cease after 23J. Eight months without a national government and the Catalans navel-gazing. 

The tens of thousands of people who took to the streets in Barcelona to celebrate the lie of 11-S/1714 - a failure - showed that without money, the clientele does not fill the squares. They booed the Molt Honorable Aragonés. The call for amnesty as a preliminary to the referendum on self-determination is understandable. All for the same price: total free.


The monument to Rafael Casanova, who died in bed at the age of 83 with a life pension from King Felipe V, was filled with flowers as usual. He defended the Austracists against the Bourbons. They were defeated at the battle of Almansa. But Casanova did not fight for Catalonia, but for Spain. 

We recover the proclamation he proclaimed in Barcelona: "It is trusted, that all as true sons of the Fatherland, lovers of liberty, will go to the places indicated, in order to shed gloriously their blood and their lives for their King, for their honour, for the Fatherland and for the liberty of all Spain". A 309-year-old lie. And there we go on: with supremacism, victimhood and corruption as pillars of their Nazi racism.

The woman in white

Everything accelerated with the visit of Yolanda Díaz to the fugitive coup leader in the European Parliament. Our Yoli was ecstatic, devoted to the cause, anticipating that her supporters will vote for the independence of Catalonia. As will the PSC together with ERC and Junts. A coup d'état programmed from Moncloa. Does anyone believe that the vice-president was acting on her own? There is only one god on the left. 

The escape artist's response came the next day: Legitimise independence, amnesty before the investiture, international mediation, referendum, return of the money presented as guarantees to avoid prison, suburban trains, ports, airports, coastal surveillance and 20,000 million euros a year to compensate for the squandering of the Generalitat. Will they include in the amnesty the terrorists who attacked the Vuelta? Yes, they will. They will include them. 

And two hard-boiled eggs. Of course the amnesty must begin with the unworthy Puigdemont pardoning all his crimes and legal sins. Oblivion and impunity without borders. Here peace and then glory. In the text handled by the separatists, four lies for negotiation: "Spain is an illegitimate democracy; we are political prisoners. What we did was legal. We will do it again". With a pair.

The European Parliament withdraws his immunity and the government - against the Supreme Court - leaves him clean as a whistle. A blow to the independence of the judiciary. The three powers in the hands of the conducator. The leader of Sumar has only gone to whitewash the path of the coup leader. She is the new Bautista of Waterloo.  

From the Ministry of the Presidency, Bolaños and his Carl Schmitt boys (Royo, Xiol and Martín "Pillin") continue to defend that Sánchez creates the law. There are always mercenaries willing to rent at a good price the "massive destruction" of the Law of Laws.   

There are precedents: the enabling disconnection laws. Parliament, 7 and 8 September 2017. Will Don Pedro dare to legislate (enabling) in order to stay in power? Yes, he has already exercised it with the Decree-Laws. 

The tussle between two compulsive liars - "the acting president doesn't lie, he just changes his mind" - is worth watching. Who will fool the other first? Who will be the referee/relator? Negreira? Rubiales? 

Yolanda repeated the dress. The same as when she visited the Pope.

Yolanda Díaz y Carles Puigdemont
Yolanda Díaz and Carles Puigdemont

Permanent blackmail

It should not be forgotten that Moncloa has already paid a price in advance: the request to the EU to make Catalan, Basque and Galician official languages in Brussels, which the Kingdom of Spain will pay religiously, and the inclusion of simultaneous translation in Congress. 

There is not a single country in the world that uses simultaneous translation in its own parliaments. It is a time bomb at the heart of the nation. A permanent provocation, a blackmail to the Unity of Spain. That is what it is all about. Imposing plurinationality, going back to the Republic, dividing society, going back to 1931 with Largo Caballero, "the Spanish Lenin" as a reference. They could have taken José Canalejas, who was also born in Ferrol, as a model. 

A conditional reflection: if this Government capitulates before the neighbour of Waterloo for the investiture, what will it not be willing to concede for its six votes in this XV Legislature? Whatever they ask for. Even the destruction of the state. 

Urkullu has already presented his plurinational pamphlet to continue gathering the nuts in this time of uncertainty. Objective: to maintain regrets and privileges. And Bildu? It will demand amnesty for its terrorists, the annexation of Navarre and the County of Treviño. And who will pay the economic compensation for the outrage of a repressive state? The involutionist government of Don Pedro and Doña Yolanda. With our taxes.

Felipe VI

The blackmailers and the blackmailed, let us not forget, are still in the same boat. As good totalitarians, what this Popular Front intends to do is to humiliate half of the Spanish people. 

The reduction of sentences for a rapist from La Manada a few hours ago (from 15 to 14 years) confirms that the "yes is yes" law, with 1,156 criminals benefiting and 120 already released from prison, has been yet another affront to the women affected. Echenique accuses the judges of "Rubiales with toga" and Irene Montero does not resign because communists never admit a mistake. That's what these progressives call "undesired effects". Undesirable, of course. 

The podemite herd has kept quiet like a herd of vulpes, when the militant and ex-councillor of Salou Estela Baeza denounced lack of protection for reasons of sex. Where are the feminists Belarra, Díaz and Montero? 

The captain has not been here for two weeks, nor is he expected. With four vaccinations, there is no persistent COVID for so much absence. He has not found enough arguments to explain amnesty and independence. 

nacionalistas-cataluña (2)

The candidate at the crossroads

The candidate has two weeks left to articulate a coherent discourse that puts equality and the defence of the Nation in front of the barbarity of rehabilitating the criminals who committed the coup d'état of October 17, a revolution more Nazi than communist and almost anti-democratic in every way. Amnestying Puigdemont without going to the dock is a frontal attack on the judiciary. The arrival of tyranny. The end of freedoms. 

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has become entangled with the meetings in order to claw the four votes he lacks. Asking Sánchez to let him govern for two years is one of the most humorous occurrences in political life in the last 45 years; the acting president's contempt for his proposals has a simple reading: Genoa believes it has a duty to rescue for constitutionalism a PSOE that in reality leads the process of breaking up Spain. 

The doctor has no turning back in his flight towards a republican populism that overcomes (i.e. annuls) the Constitution and the concept of Nation - today disputed and debatable.

After listening to the fugitive's blackmail, he desisted from dialogue with Junts. Last Monday, the PP press office reported that there had been no contacts; hours later, Feijóo himself admitted that there had been contacts. Communication errors are constant. And there is no way to sell a coherent message. They do not learn, although Ayuso has to be saved. 

Three and a half months after 28J they have signed with VOX to govern Murcia in the same terms as they would have done the day after the polls opened. In politics wasting time is a crime. The photo with Abascal has not been used by the left like the famous photo of Columbus, encouraged by Ciudadanos, which, by the way, prevented Carmen Calvo from accepting an international rapporteur to negotiate with the Catalan coup plotters. They will raise the spectre of the far right in the next elections. They, who are unredeemed coup-mongers. 

Now the PP is preparing a mobilisation in the streets (or in an enclosed area) on the 24th to boost the waning figure of its leader, who is stranded between the liberals and the "Sorayos". The complexes of the right are always stronger because they never ideologically confront the dogmatic and corrupt left. Lest they be called Francoists. Or rebels. Or coup plotters.

Begging to the PNV after Urkullu's, Ortúzar's and Aitor Esteban's blows is undignified. They will betray the PSOE when it supports Otegui as lehendakari after the spring elections.  They will betray Sánchez as they betrayed Rajoy. It is the only verb they conjugate best while they enjoy the Basque Cuponazo, a state secret like the Coca-Cola formula. 

Mr Núñez Feijóo, we expect a speech with equality as opposed to privileges. We want a Spain of free and equal citizens - what Cayetana has been preaching and practising since 2012. And announce from the pulpit of Congress that she will attend the Demonstration in Barcelona on 8 October, called by the Catalan Civic Association. Ayuso and Abascal, separately, have already announced their presence. 

The PP-VOX governments have already shown that Spain is not sinking. Simply because they comply with the law.

Alberto Núñez-Feijóo y Santiago Abascal
Alberto Núñez-Feijóo and Santiago Abascal

Dissidence against Sanchismo

In the last few hours, a dozen veteran socialist militants have been scandalised by the drift of their Secretary General. González, Guerra, Redondo Terreros, Leguina, Ibarra, Jáuregui, Odón Elorza, Tomás Gómez and others. González was blunt: "The Constitution is not chewing gum. And it has no room for amnesty or self-determination". 

Former vice-president Guerra has taken it on the tragic side: "I won't stand for it", he has bellowed. He forgets that he buried Montesquieu. And there we have the CGPJ without renewing it. And he is responsible for the politicisation of Justice.  The rest of the former socialist leaders are threatening a deluge. They all have a common denominator: they vote for Sánchez. With their noses held, but they vote Sanchismo. The party comes first. 

It would be enough for them to resign from the party until Don Pedro leaves to believe their lamentations. Have any of them announced that they will go to Barcelona on 8-O? They can't break their moorings while Spain is in danger. 

We have to admit that the team of Minister MJ Montero was skilful with all due respect to her countryman Alfonso: "In this PSOE, whoever moves does get in the photo". Don't worry about so many crocodile tears. Few dare to leave the PSOE sect like J. Luis Corcuera or Paco Vázquez. There are no more retired heroes.

Felipe González
Felipe González

Spain in danger

Our acting president only wants to stay in power at any price. Spain is not for sale. It is given away. A few months ago, Sánchez and 11 of his ministers were against the amnesty. Now, they are all looking for a fit in the Constitution. As it does not fit, they are trying to make the Magna Carta fit the amnesty. I can't believe that the president has asked for a letter signed by Puigdemont and Junqueras pledging that "they won't do it again".  It's a joke. 

The Electoral Law needs to be changed so that 10% of the coup plotters do not impose their policies on 60%. I assume that the PSOE is leading this process.

It is of little use that the shopping basket is sky-high; that only 4% of the population is under 5 years old; that, at 17, 30% of young people do not finish compulsory education or have diplomas to work; it does not matter that we lead the unemployment ranking (12% in the OECD) and youth unemployment (27%). What matters is the Babel of the Congress which, without approving the Reform of the Rules of Procedure, can already speak in all the languages of Spain as of tomorrow. And that Rubiales has resigned as president of the RFEF. He does not reveal who are the "powers that be" that have pressured him to take this decision. Don't worry, he won't pull the blanket because this is another Villarejo of Sanchezism.

Covering up the coup d'état of the Popular Front by accusing Aznar, the PP and VOX of being coup plotters and rebels for denouncing this despotism. The last wall is the Parliamentary Monarchy. A real challenge to the Nation. At the inauguration of the Judicial Year, neither the president of the TC nor the attorney general of the State had the courage to denounce the danger to our coexistence, splintered by unpunished separatists who feel protected by the Government of the Nation.

nacionalistas-cataluña (3)

They feel legitimised to face this anti-democratic tsunami; they never asked for this legitimisation in the electoral campaign of 23 June. These totalitarian phonies do not represent us. "The fullness of the law is love", St. Paul explained to the Romans in one of his first letters. 

Sociological Sanchism leaves no room for freedom. For these despots, the law is full of hatred. All dissenters are coup plotters. We will continue in the resistance. Barcelona awaits us on 8-O. The slogan of the Catalan Civil Society is tempting. "Not in my name. Neither amnesty nor self-determination". We will be back eight years later. We have 75 heart-stopping days ahead of us. Exceptional time, exceptional time. 

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