If you want to make things worse, why not hold the general elections on 1 August?

PHOTO/PSOE/Eva Ercolanese - Asesorado indebidamente por el BATAPLOF, el presidente Sánchez ha convocado las elecciones generales para el domingo, 23 de julio. En imagen, el 28 de mayo en su colegio electoral de Madrid
photo_camera PHOTO/PSOE-Eva Ercolanese - Unduly advised by the BATAPLOF, President Sánchez has called the general election for Sunday, 23 July. Pictured on 28 May at his polling station in Madrid.

Dearest and most reverend president Pedro Sánchez, I will be brief and very clear. 

You have just committed a tremendous blunder, something unaccustomed in your always wise behaviour. A serious blunder that could cost you the seat of the Moncloa Palace and, by chance, that of secretary general of the PSOE. 

Revered Pedro, I have to tell you this for your own good, so that you correct your lethal blunder. You have believed wholeheartedly in the recommendation of the BATAPLOF, the Battalion of Advisors of the Moncloa Palace, and you have called a general election for Sunday, July 23rd. Couldn't you wait until September? Is the fall into a tailspin that serious? 

I am sorry to tell you with all my heart that you have made a blunder, a crass mistake that could lead you to disaster if you persist in "sostenella y no enmendalla".

PHOTO/TWITTER/@policia - De manera muy especial será recordado por quienes ya han adquirido los billetes de ferrocarril o autocar, pasajes de barco o vuelos de avión
PHOTO/National Police Twitter - In a very special way he will be remembered by those who have already bought train or coach tickets, boat tickets or plane flights. 

There is another better summer date

You have consciously chosen the Sunday before the long weekend of 25 July, which is the feast of St. James the Apostle, patron saint of Spain and a sacred day in the Autonomous Communities of Galicia, Castile-León, Navarre and the Basque Country. 

These are days on which St. James the Greater, the standard-bearer of the Christian kingdoms that began the Reconquest of Muslim Spain, revives and lashes out with his sword and his white horse against any force that stands in his way. Beloved leader, are you still determined to be the pirate captain of the Saracens who want to immolate themselves before the swift swaying of the great incense boot?

PHOTO/TWITTER/@interiorgob - Emplazar la fecha en plena festividad de Santiago Apóstol es una grave torpeza que a Pedro Sánchez le puede costar la poltrona del palacio de la Moncloa
PHOTO/Ministry of the Interior - To place the date in the middle of the feast of Santiago Apostle is a serious blunder that could cost Pedro Sánchez his seat in the Moncloa Palace

Take my advice and rectify it. The most suitable date to call the general elections is, without a doubt... August 1st. As you are a man who never puts his personal interests first and always puts the good of others before his own, you should reconsider your tremulous decision of 23 July and set the elections for the first of August, Tuesday by the way. 

If you do so, you will still be on the lips of the vast majority of Spaniards. But many would have more fond memories of you and some of those close to you, as it is the day of the month par excellence, when most of them go on holiday. In a very special way, you would be on the minds and in the mouths of those who have already paid for or booked their train or coach tickets, their boat tickets or their plane flights.  

PHOTO/PSOE/Eva Ercolanese - Muchos ya tienen un muy grato recuerdo del presidente tras elegir el 23 de julio como fecha de las generales, que sería mucho mayor si la traslada al 1 de agosto
PHOTO/PSOE-Eva Ercolanese - Many already have a very pleasant memory of the president after choosing 23 July as the date for the general elections, which would be much worse if he moved it to 1 August

The huge benefits of rescheduling

But if you decide to make the change, you will go down in Spanish history as the president who has avoided on such a significant day the long traffic jams at the exit of major cities and the unexpected queues of traffic in the middle of motorways, dual carriageways, national, regional and local roads. 

Moreover, as a result of the significant reduction in road traffic, there would be fewer fatal accidents involving cars and motorbikes, which would also mean far fewer injuries due to traumatisms - great news for the DGT statistics!

And there would be less consumption of fossil fuels and far fewer pollutants would be emitted. The vote of the ecologists would be assured. The rest of the benefits can be listed by the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, who would wholeheartedly support the date change. 

PHOTO/TWITTER/@DGTes - Trasladar las elecciones al 1 de agosto conlleva la disminución del tráfico a escala nacional, habría menos accidentes mortales de automóvil y motocicletas y muchos menos heridos
PHOTO/DGT Twitter - Moving the elections to 1 August means less traffic nationwide, fewer car and motorbike fatalities and far fewer injuries

But there is a much more compelling reason. From your free summer break in the official residence of La Mareta, in Lanzarote, you would have a new opportunity to take the Falcón and deposit the ballots for Congress and Senate in your polling station in Madrid. As you can see, there are all advantages if the vote is held on 1 August.  

P.S. Ah, you've got it all tied up and well and truly tied up for 23 July! What does that phrase sound like to me?