On Thursday 14 September the film by Nely Reguera will be screened

Cinema in September with the Three Cultures Foundation: "María y los demás"

In the first fortnight of September, the Three Cultures Foundation resumes its film programme with a special cycle that includes seven screenings that reflect the diversity in different areas of Mediterranean countries. 

An eclectic programme featuring films and documentaries from five countries with different visions on current issues, which highlight diversity as a fundamental element of cultural heritage in the five continents. 

Thursday, 14 September, 20.30 h. 

"María y los demás". Nely Reguera. Spain, 2017, 96 min. 

Since her mother died, María has taken care of her father and siblings. Responsible and controlling, she has always been the pillar of the family and is proud of it.  So when her father announces that he is marrying Cachita, his friendly nurse, María feels her world crumble. The time has come to dare to live her own life. 

Invitations available through the Three Cultures Foundation website. 

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