The band, led by the singer Natalia Ruciero, brings and facilitates the understanding of this music through listening, participation and fun, awakening curiosity and creativity

Three Cultures Foundation with the family: Musical show This is Jazz!

The Three Cultures Foundation is launching a special programme for families that includes storytelling shows and concerts on several Saturdays in February, March and April.

On Saturday 24 February, at 12 noon, jazz will take centre stage, thanks to THIS IS JAZZ! a concert for the whole family that aims to dismantle the idea that this musical genre is only for knowledgeable minorities. 

The band, led by singer Natalia Ruciero, brings this music closer and makes it easier to understand through listening, participation and fun, awakening curiosity and creativity.

With the arrival of the new year, the band This Is Jazz! faces an important mission whose objective is to recover the energy to keep the planet spinning despite the heavy cloud of pollution that surrounds it. To do so, and following the instructions of 'the bosses', its members will have to overcome some rhythmic, incredibly melodic challenges and put a lot of harmonic effort into each of their musical instruments. 

This is Jazz! is made up of: 

Mercedes Bernal - alto saxophone  

Juan Miguel Martín - electric bass 

Nacho Megina - drums 

Natalia Ruciero - vocals 

to be determined - piano 

Free admission with prior registration AT THIS LINK.