U.S. recognition of Morocco's sovereignty over the Sahara boosts new development options

Dajla ofrece numerosas oportunidades de inversión

photo_camera Guillermo López - Dakhla, a special place for tourism

Dakhla Oued Eddahab is considered by Morocco as one of its southern regions, along with Guelmim-Rio Noun and El Aaiun-Saguia el-Hamra, and now also by the United States which has recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara. 
The city of Dakhla has undergone a remarkable development since the Spanish era when it was Villa Cisneros and is now pursuing an ambitious policy of attracting investment to launch its economic and social growth and become what some Moroccan businessmen call: "the Mecca of investments". 
If in recent years Tangier has been the protagonist of a great development, now it is the turn of Dakhla.  The opening of consulates of countries as important as the United States or the United Arab Emirates entail agreements for large investments. 
The situation in the area is calm and security is guaranteed by the control of the Moroccan Army, protected by the wall built years ago. 

Puesto fronterizo de Guerguerat

In all sectors of the region, the effect of the Polisario Front's attempts to carry out some kind of attack to justify its decision to consider the cease-fire broken and to resume the dynamics of a war that nobody wants and that its troops do not seem capable of maintaining. What is evident is the determination of most of the actors involved to put an end to the Sahara conflict which goes back more than 40 years and which keeps more than 160,000 people living in the Tindouf camps in very precarious conditions.
Moroccan political and business personalities stress that the solution to the Sahara problem would enhance the option, already implemented in the southern regions of Morocco, to open to the world the opportunities to participate in the economic and social development of the whole area in sectors such as tourism, renewable energies, fisheries, agriculture and logistics. 

Presidente de la región de Dajla

From the President of the Regional Government, Yanja El Khattat; the Director General of Investment, Mounir Houari; and the President of the Regional Tourism Council, Ahmed Abdellaoui, encourage Spanish businessmen to invest in Dalja and to take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up at this time. They also call on the Spanish government to take a step forward like the Americans in recognizing Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara.
The United States has already committed investments worth 3 billion dollars and there are other countries that have already positioned themselves to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a virgin, untapped region like Dakhla. A region that has been able to contain the coronavirus to near optimal levels and that when it has suffered an increase in contagions has decided to perform a free PCR test at the airport for those arriving in the city. Those who test positive are isolated to prevent the spread of the disease. Security measures are respected in the conviction that living virus-free is one of the best treasures a region can enjoy. 

Un sitio ideal para el kitesurf

The inhabitants of Dakhla are warmly hospitable and are aware that their problems can be solved with the arrival of national and foreign investment to create more and better jobs with a sustainable development of infrastructure, tourism and agro-alimentation.
The inhabitants of the former Villa Cisneros speak fondly of Spain, of the memory of the time when this region was a Spanish province and demand more attention from the mainland to preserve the historical remains and the Hispanic footprint and to be able to maintain the teaching of Spanish, which has declined in recent years. 

Brahin Hameyada con niños

Brahim Hameyada is the director of the Academia Unamuno where he teaches two groups of fifteen and seventeen students each. He has finally won support from the Cervantes Institute. Maghlaha Dlimi, with a hard experience as a child in Tindouf and in Cuba, takes care of a library with Spanish books donated from the Canary Islands. Boujari Mamun, head of Culture of the Regional Commission for Human Rights in Dakhla, claims that Spain should take care of its cultural legacy because "Spanish culture is as much a part of our history as the lighthouse, a military barracks or one of the city squares".

Miembros comisión regional de Derechos Humanos

The Moroccan Association for Communication, Socio-Economic Development and Investment Promotion, Action Nord-Sud, led by Omar El Allawi El Balrhiti and Noamane El Belghiti is engaged with the Regional Tourism Council of Dakhla for its promotion with a group of journalists visiting the area: Along with Atalayar, Patrick Monney journalist of Luxe and class magazine from Mexico; Hector Fuentes Magallanes director of TravelQuest agency from Mexico; Alex Riba from the Catalan newspaper La Republica Checa; and Ricard Checa, director of La Republica Checa and president of the Observatory of Human Rights of Catalonia.

Asociación Nord-Sud Action


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