For the first time, the Smart City Fair will be inaugurated in March 2023 in the city of Casablanca in Morocco, with the aim of presenting more concrete solutions and innovations for the future

Primera edición del "Salón Pedagógico África de la Ciudad Inteligente" en Marruecos

PHOTO/MAP - His Majesty King Mohamed VI inaugurates the construction works of the city of Agadir

The Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Hassan University of Casablanca will host the first edition of the ''Salon PedagogicAfrica Smart City''. The event will be held from 15 to 17 March 2021 under the theme ''Moroccan engineering at the service of the smart city''.

This exhibition will be supervised by the Office of Engineering Studies ''Innovatel Engineering'' in collaboration with the Moroccan Federation of Consulting and Engineering.

This fair will bring together many experts in this field. Moroccan start-ups, funders and entrepreneurs are invited to discuss and give interesting answers to current and future challenges related to the Moroccan technology sector.

Professor Mounir, director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer in Casablanca, commented that this exhibition will feature the latest innovations and trends in the smart cities technology sector.


The topics covered will be very diverse, such as sustainability, energy transition, digital transformation, safety and security, urban mobility and services provided to citizens.

Over the three days, guests will discuss digital transformation mechanisms in parts of the general continent and Morocco. In this regard, for example, they will address issues such as the eco-responsible consumption of resources and artificial intelligence.

In addition, the organisers indicate that "experts will exchange their experiences and present their innovations likely to respond effectively to current and future challenges in terms of technological development".

All this will be geared towards the main goal of making contributions to Morocco's economic development in addition to all those innovations.

Mounir also added that this event is aimed at young engineers, university students, project leaders and start-ups in order to raise solutions to technological challenges between the heads of the entity and economic actors.


An African challenge competition will be organised in the field of smart cities in four different areas, linked to lighting and energy, sustainable environment, modern agriculture, water simplification, urban transport and finally road safety.

The exhibition is presented with a model of a miniature smart city on an area of 2,000 square metres, which will include all the technologies in the field of smart cities and will also be a museum open to all visitors throughout the year. 
On the other hand, Lotfi Bennani, director of the Moroccan Office of Engineering Studies "Innovatel Engineering" stressed that the main objective of the organisation of the exhibition is, on the one hand, to create bridges between political actors, mayors of cities and officials, and, on the other hand, to explore offices and manufacturers who have created solutions for smart cities. Bennani also underlined that 'Salon Pédagogique Africa de la smart city' helps to promote Morocco's progress on environmental issues.

The North African kingdom's authorities will therefore promote a training programme in collaboration with the federal government at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lusanne (Switzerland) focusing on Africa's smart city strategy.

The decision will trigger the digital transformation of major cities such as Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech and Casablanca.

The main mission is to highlight some of the academic and industrial research on pioneering digital platforms in Africa to strengthen the business side in order to put Moroccan engineering at the heart of the new national development plan.