The organisation 'Best Places to Work' has placed Aguas Minerales de Oulmès, Asma Invest, Pharma 5, Groupe Banque Populaire du Maroc and CDG Capital among the 29 best companies to work for on the continent in 2022

Cinco compañías marroquíes entre las mejores empresas para trabajar en África

photo_camera PHOTO/FILE - The five Moroccan companies, Eaux Minérales d'Oulmès, the investor Asma Invest, the pharmaceutical company Pharma 5, the Moroccan Popular Bank Group and the investment company CDG Capital, ranked 13th, 16th, 20th, 21st and 28th respectively

The annual ranking prepared by the organisation 'Best Places to Work' - according to its own official website "a global organisation that recognises excellence in people practices and employee experience" - published last December the list of 29 employers "with the best performance in Africa in 2022". The list was drawn from more than 500 companies certified by the organisation, and five companies of Moroccan origin have made it onto the list.

The five companies, Aguas Minerales de Oulmès, the investor Asma Invest, the pharmaceutical company Pharma 5, the Moroccan Popular Bank Group and the investment company CDG Capital, have been ranked 13th, 16th, 20th, 21st and 28th respectively, and have thus become some of the companies that "have invested the most in creating a highly committed workforce". 

"This year's results indicate that the best performing organisations across Africa continue to invest in employee engagement, with an average engagement score of 83%, compared to the continental average of 71%," the Best Places to Work report noted. 

"These five organisations are leading the way in particular by creating engaging environments that foster organisational agility, build engaging leaders and demonstrate outstanding people and workplace excellence practices," it added. 

Thus, the research conducted by the group and whose results accompany the report, has also highlighted that "due to the current challenges Africa faces around talent retention, those employees who do not perceive good career opportunities or who do not see any initiatives to promote their well-being within the organisation are three times more likely to leave [the company and/or the country]". Therefore, the 29 leading companies in employability were chosen on the basis of employee feedback - conducted through anonymous surveys - as well as an assessment of human resources monitoring people management practices. 


The top three in the rankings were Copenhagen, Denmark-based global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, followed by US technology company Dell in third place, and customer interaction and communication services provider Groupe Vipp Interstis. A company that operates in many African countries. Fourth and fifth place went to business process outsourcing leader Webhelp and food multinational Nestlé respectively. 

To be eligible to be considered as a candidate to enter the list of best employers on a continent, companies must have been awarded 'outstanding employer' in at least one of the countries on the continent where they are applying. In this case, Africa. But before that, they must achieve recognition as a certified employer, for which the company undergoes a monitoring process in which various "two-dimensional, neutral and objective assessments are carried out at different hierarchical levels and cover various human resources issues", as the website itself explains.

In parallel, the company faces a human resources evaluation questionnaire - in which 154 different questions analyse company information, human resources practices, employee engagement, workplace and work procedures, teamwork and corporate social responsibility - and another survey on employee satisfaction (36 questions on leadership, human resources practices, compensation, benefits, teamwork, employee engagement, workplace and work procedures, and corporate social responsibility).

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