The magazine highlights the Kingdom's geographical location, as well as the political stability and the authorities' support for business

Forbes highlights the growth of Morocco's aviation industry

In a recent article, Forbes has referred to the "remarkable" evolution Morocco is experiencing in the aviation sector. In particular, the magazine highlights maintenance, repair and overhaul services.

As such, expert Henri Al Helaly advises entrepreneurs in the industry to take advantage of Morocco's "favourable" geographical location, as well as its "skilled workforce" and growing business environment. "Morocco is emerging as a key player" in the sector, he stresses.

Due to its location between Europe and Africa, the Kingdom can facilitate access for international investors to numerous markets on both continents. These investors, in turn, can benefit from the rapid growth of the aerospace sector. "The nation has established itself as a reliable and profitable destination," notes Al Helaly. "Morocco also offers cost-effective solutions for entrepreneurs and investors, which can allow them to optimise their budgets and potentially increase profitability," he explains.

Within this industry, Morocco offers a wealth of employment opportunities, as well as skilled and multilingual workers that foreign companies can take advantage of. At the institutional level, the Kingdom provides an ideal environment for business, encouraging investment. Moreover, Morocco's governmental support and political stability are key factors in doing business.

Institutions also play a key role in the development of infrastructure, such as ports, roads and airports. All this facilitates business connections within the country but also with the region, allowing entrepreneurs to expand their networks and create new business partnerships.

However, foreign investors must also analyse the regulatory environment, build relationships with locals and adapt to the North African country's culture and business practices. "It is important to conduct thorough research and make sure you understand the aviation regulations and compliance procedures," advises Al Helaly, who also highlights language and cultural barriers. He recommends partnerships with local experts who can help overcome these walls.

Finally, Forbes also stresses the importance of monitoring economic and political stability when managing risks. "By addressing these challenges, entrepreneurs and investors can position themselves for success in the Moroccan aviation market," he concludes.

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