The American firm will establish itself in Casablanca to set up a new industry in the market

Honeywell to open an aeronautical plant in Morocco

AP/MATT YORK - The US group Honeywell is to open a new plant dedicated to the manufacture of aeronautical equipment in Morocco

The US group Honeywell is to open a new plant dedicated to the manufacture of aeronautical equipment in Morocco. It will be established in the city of Casablanca, and the firm intends to implement a new form of industry in the country, which will be dedicated to the aeronautical sector. To this end, the company will focus specifically on the creation of integrated aircraft systems and other electromagnetic systems for model aircraft and helicopters.

Honeywell Morocco represents the consolidation of one of the sectors that Morocco wanted to explore and as a result, will improve the integration rate in the aviation industry in the world. The production of aircraft and helicopter engines will be one of the main functions of the Casablanca site and will involve the establishment of a developed engine system, which will be able to attract other international companies to the Maghreb country. Recently, the Le Piston Français group opened a factory in the Kingdom dedicated to manufacturing mechanical parts for aircraft engines and with highly advanced and modern technology.


This American company was founded in 1906, in the American city of Minneapolis, and with this news, it would be the third subsidiary to open in Morocco, and in Casablanca in turn. Honeywell, in addition to the aeronautical sector, is also involved in the creation of nuclear aerospace equipment, building automation for regulation, technical supervision, access control and security, and also builds defence elements. By 2021, the group expects a turnover of more than 35 billion dollars and is based in fifteen countries, of which, in Africa, it only has plants in Morocco and Tunisia.

Morocco has proven to be a strong competitor in the aeronautical sector, and in recent years, more than 100 companies, both European and American, have set up in the North African nation, causing the sector to grow by 25%. Moreover, the consequences of this boom have led to the creation of thousands of jobs. The former Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Moulay Hafid El Alamy, said at the time, when the groups began to arrive in the Maghreb, that "it is a growing sector and a thriving business. We cannot allow a country like Morocco, which aims to boost its industrialisation, to be left out of this sector, in which investments are made very quickly and concretely".


It is worth highlighting the fact of the good relationship between the United States and Morocco, which is evident when many of the American firms come to the Kingdom to establish themselves and make a market. And the ties between the two countries have grown even stronger since Donald Trump, former president of the United States, recognised Morocco's sovereignty over the territory of Western Sahara last year. In doing so, the US has infiltrated the Alawi kingdom's business territory and approached private sector companies to enter the Moroccan Sahara. This boost to the territory's economy is a sign of how the two territories have grown closer and strengthened ties. Moreover, Morocco is the only country in Africa to have free trade agreements with the American power, which have been in place for 16 years, allowing companies that establish themselves in the region to gain access to other areas of the continent with which they have no dealings, and thus expand the country's economic power in Africa.

The US International Trade Administration produced a report on Morocco's interest in the aviation system, noting that it is the largest buyer of US arms in Africa. Since 2019, Morocco has been negotiating with the United States to purchase the Patriot system, which has two missiles that reach long distances and is excellent for attacking other missiles that want to attack the country. 


The aeronautical sector is at a very high point in Morocco's economy and is already the Kingdom's fifth largest exporter. The boost to this industry has been very important over the years, and has led to the Maghreb country being among the 15 countries in the world that invest the most in this type of sector.

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