Iberdrola is awarded with the best track record in sustainable financing by Ofiso

Jesus Martínez, director of financing and treasury of the Iberdrola Group, has been distinguished at the awards of the Spanish Observatory for Sustainable Financing (Ofiso) for his work over the years in the development of green financing 
Foto de familia del premio Ofiso
Ofiso Award family photo

The Spanish Observatory for Sustainable Financing (Ofiso) wanted to highlight Iberdrola's good work, thanks to its pioneering vision in sustainable financing. Iberdrola has established itself as a benchmark in sustainable financing, being the first private group in the world to issue green bonds, after becoming in 2014 the first Spanish company and the second in the world to issue a bond of these characteristics. The group currently has around 21,000 million euros of green bonds outstanding. 

In the banking market, in 2017 the company also underwrote the first green loan for an energy company in the world, amounting to 500 million euros. That operation was followed by various bank loan operations, with multilaterals and financing of green projects, as well as credit lines linked to sustainability criteria. 

The Iberdrola Group currently has operations for close to 60,000 million euros in sustainable financing, both in green format, with the use of funds for specific investments and with operations linked to sustainability criteria.

The leadership shown in sustainable financing has been made possible by the Group's pioneering strategy in its investments in support of the energy transition, which began more than 20 years ago.

This financial strategy (ESG+F) is strengthened by the new strategic plan, in which it intends to invest 41 billion between 2024 and 2026. The plan aims to boost the decarbonisation and electrification of the economy. 

The Spanish Sustainable Finance Observatory awards these annual prizes to financial institutions, companies or institutions in recognition of excellence in the field of sustainable finance.  

The aim of this Observatory is to give visibility to responsible financial solutions, the adoption of good practices and the influence and visibility of professionals in the financial industry.