Indra convenes its Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

For 26 June 2024, on first call, or 27 June 2024, on second call, at 12:30 p.m. in both cases 

Indra's Board of Directors resolved to call an Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting for 26 June 2024 at 12:30 p.m., on first call, or 27 June 2024, on second call, at the same time, and it is expected to be held on second call, at the company's headquarters in Alcobendas.  

The agenda includes the following matters: 

First: approval of the Annual Financial Statements and Management Report of Indra Sistemas, S.A. and its Consolidated Group for the year ended 31 December 2023. 

Second: approval of the Consolidated Statement of Non-Financial Information (Sustainability Report) for the year ended 31 December 2023. 

Third: approval of the proposal for the application of the profit for the financial year 2023 and the consequent distribution of a dividend charged against this profit. 

Fourth: approval of the management of the Board of Directors during the financial year ended 31 December 2023. 

Fifth: re-election and appointment of directors: 

5.1. Re-election of Mr. Marc Thomas Murtra Millar as executive director.  

5.2. Appointment of Mr Javier Escribano Ruiz as proprietary director representing Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing, S.L. 

Sixth: authorisation to reduce the period for calling Extraordinary General Meetings, in accordance with the provisions of Article 515 of the Consolidated Text of the Spanish Companies Act. 

Seventh: approval of the Medium-Term Incentive 2024-2026, for the purposes of article 219 of the Capital Companies Act. 

Eighth: approval of the modification of the Directors' Remuneration Policy for financial years 2024, 2025 and 2026. 

Ninth: approval of the spin-off of the autonomous economic unit formed by the space business of Indra Sistemas, S.A. (spun-off company) in favour of Indra Espacio, S.L.U. (newly created beneficiary company), in accordance with the spin-off project approved by the Board of Directors of Indra Sistemas, S.A. on 18 March 2024, and for this purpose: (i) acknowledgement of the Board of Directors' report on the spin-off, of any opinions or observations relating to the Board of Directors' report and/or the spin-off project and of the lack of an independent expert's report; (ii) approval, as the spin-off balance sheet, of the balance sheet of Indra Sistemas, S. A. at 31 December 2023; (iii) approval of the spin-off project and the spin-off; (iv) incorporation of the company benefiting from the spin-off called Indra Espacio, S.L.U.; (v) application of the spin-off to the special tax regime provided for in Chapter VII of Title VII of Law 27/2014, of 27 November, on Corporate Income Tax; and (vi) delegation of powers. 

Tenth: consultative vote on the Annual Remuneration Report 2023. 

Eleventh: authorisation and delegation of powers for the formalisation, registration and execution of the resolutions adopted by the General Meeting. 

Twelfth: information to the General Meeting on the amendments made to the Board Regulations.