A consortium led by Indra is developing a platform for real-time acquisition of situational cyber-awareness in military operations

Indra leads the largest cyber situational awareness project for European defence

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It will design and implement analytical tools for identifying and assessing cyber-attack risks, estimating their spread and potential impact.

The project will strengthen European cyber defence capabilities to protect NATO's fifth defence domain, cyber.
Indra leads the largest cyber situational awareness project for European defence
Indra, a leading global technology and consultancy company, is leading Europe's largest cyber defence project, which addresses the development of a national and European-wide platform for the real-time acquisition of situational cyber awareness in military operations, implementing visualisation, detection and response capabilities to cyber threats and providing support for decision making at the mission level.  

Indra leads the ECYSAP project (European Cyber Situational Awareness Platform) whose consortium is made up of partners from four countries (Spain, France, Italy and Estonia), bringing together leading organisations in the European cyber defence market from industry, academia and SMEs representative of the sector. 

ECYSAP is funded by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) and supported by the European Commission and the European Defence Agency (EDA) through the Ministries of Defence of the participating states.


This project aims to strengthen European capabilities in cyberspace defence, which has been a recognised NATO domain of operations in recent years, as well as sea, air, land and space.

The initiative is the point of convergence of recent advances in cyber defence technologies, with emerging areas of expertise and use of innovative integrated research prototypes for the development of a cyber defence platform with automatic response capabilities.

The Indra-led consortium will design and implement analytical tools to identify and assess risks associated with the technological plane and estimate their propagation and possible impact on mission objectives

The platform incorporates threat response capabilities based on a correct identification, selection, planning and deployment of actions, both at technological and mission level, also projecting their behaviour over different time horizons. 

Given its decision support orientation, ECYSAP incorporates advanced methods for sharing cyber threat information among multiple stakeholders, strengthening individual and collective response capabilities through effective deployment of courses of action at the mission level. Security as a design principle makes ECYSAP an inherently robust platform supported by resilient communications that reinforce its self-protection capabilities, as well as the implementation of various auditable controls

Validation activities will be conducted through use cases endorsed by member states and conducted in real operational environments where cyber situational awareness capabilities will be demonstrated in mission accomplishment.  ECYSAP is thus integrated into the lines of technological development in defence promoted by Indra, which will be reinforced through its collaboration with other command and strategic control programmes, as well as through participation in PESCO and EDIDP calls for proposals, among others.

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