INDRA’S chairman Marc Murtra assumes executive functions in corporate and institutional fields

Marc Murtra y José Vicente de los Mozos, Indra - PHOTO/INDRA
Marc Murtra and José Vicente de los Mozos, Indra - PHOTO/INDRA

In the effort to suitabley the Strategic Plan 2024-2026, with 2030 vision, which envisions the evolution of the Company towards the Model of Indra Group, the Board of Directors of Indra has unanimously agreed to grant specific executive functions in the corporate and institutional fields in favour of Mr Marc Murtra, additional to those inherent to his position role as Chairman of the Board of Directors, which will be exercised in coordination with operational and business guidance provided by the Chief Executive Officer Mr José Vicente de los Mozos, whose delegated powers as chief executive remain unchanged.

This assignment of new functions by Mr Marc Murtra will allow for a greater dedication to corporate matters, as well as to the opening of relationships in geographies where the Company currently has no presence, and will favour the dialogue with Public Administrations, Governments and international organizations which Indra’s position in the defence market demands, given the current geopolitical context.

"I want to thank the Board of Directors for their trust in allowing me to take on executive functions in the corporate field that will favour the dialogue with different strategic stakeholders for the future of the company. We are facing a new era at Indra characterized by growth and expansion driven by our Strategic Plan," said Mr Marc Murtra on this matter.

"After a year at Indra, and following a thorough analysis of the company, and with the aim of focusing all my efforts on the implementation of the Strategic Plan, the Chairman Mr Murtra and I have proposed to reinforce his functions in the corporate field.", said Mr José Vicente de los Mozos.