FASTVOLT will provide 50 kilowatts between Tangier and the city of Agadir

Marruecos instala la mayor red de carga de vehículos en África


Afrimobility is one of the leading companies in the transport sector in Africa and, under the brand name FASTVOLT, is going to install the largest network of fast charging stations for electric cars in Morocco. The company said in a statement that the project is being developed and will involve multiple stations between Tangier and Agadir. People driving in a greener way will have enough gas stations to recharge for almost 700 kilometres between the two regions. Cars needing electricity will be able to charge at these stations at a speed of 50 kilowatts. Mowali Hafid El Amrani, CEO of Afrimobility, said in a press release that they choose "to be the first to invest in this branch to create a comprehensive dynamic and encourage all actors in the system to follow our lead and establish a wide network of charging stations throughout the national territory". 

Also, El Amrani assured that "Afrimobility will be the first Moroccan player to establish a dense network of express charging stations in Morocco". Since the early 2000s, Morocco has invested in securing its place in the automotive world, and under the supervision of the various governments and King Mohammed VI, has achieved a major economic boost in the vehicle sector that has earned it a place among the world's major powers. Moreover, especially in recent years, the Alawi country has set its sights on becoming a "green" country, which is why the use of electric cars has been promoted. 

"We are pleased to contribute to the development of charging infrastructure in our country and, through it, to help prepare for the energy transition in the best possible way, and to help generalise the use of more environmentally friendly electric cars," said Afrimobility's director. 

The commitment to greener use and concern about the issue has been taken up by FASTVOLT. It will introduce a number of advantages for electric car users, ranging from offering faster charging for vehicles in 30 minutes to providing cars with 80% of their battery charged. Apart from being able to park on the Moroccan grid, it will be possible to use all electric stations across the African continent. The main stations in the Maghreb will be located in the north and south of the roads and, finally, it will be possible to use a specialised mobile application that will allow drivers to search for the petrol stations closest to their location.  

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FASTVOLT will therefore provide drivers with improvements never seen before in the Kingdom and which electric vehicle users have been asking for the most, as previously it was not possible to find stations anywhere and the waiting time for charging was much longer than what the company promises for the future. Afrimobility will be responsible for the installation, management and maintenance of the stations and will pay special attention to providing after-sales service and user training. 

The automotive group has also reported a project, developed in conjunction with the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) to create the first fast-charging machine, which will be officially made in Morocco, and which will allow drivers to charge their car at a speed between 60 kilowatts and 100 kilowatts. As reported by the company, it is expected to be produced and marketed during 2022. 

Morocco is aiming to be one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly countries in terms of climate change. For years, the Kingdom has had its sights set on environmentalism and has been pursuing "eco" projects ever since. One of its main challenges is to achieve a 52% use of renewable energies by 2030, and that by 2050, the country will use 100% of these energies to sustain the nation, betting on a better future for the citizens of the Maghreb.