Moroccan society has seen its purchasing power eroded in a context complicated by international instability

Morocco is working to curb the effects of inflation and reduce the price of basic foodstuffs

photo_camera REUTERS/YOUSSEF BOUDLAL - Vegetable market on the outskirts of Casablanca

Inflation is hitting hard internationally. Just when the economic crisis that began with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 seemed to have been overcome, the Russian invasion of Ukraine opened a new breach that led to an energy crisis. The reduction in gas supply while maintaining demand has led to a rise in prices that is weighing on the economic situation of many countries. Morocco is no exception, but the government is working to try to halt this trend and curb the price rises that society is suffering.
Although this is a common global trend, Omar al-Sharkawi, a university professor and political analyst, believes that it is not in anyone's interest to normalise this situation. This explains why the government, in cooperation with the other parties and the trade unions, is working on measures to reduce prices. Especially because, says al-Sharkawi, the "snowball effect" could make the situation exponentially worse and the vulnerable citizen will suffer more and more.

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The Moroccan Social Front criticises "the outrageous price that exceeded all expectations and affected all materials, especially basic foodstuffs". In response, the spokesman for the Moroccan government, Mustafa Baitas, has assured that the government is aware of this situation, although, as is evident, solutions in this type of context do not come overnight. The first measures, says the spokesman, will affect the prices of meat, chicken, eggs and vegetables.
On top of all this, there is the stance of some big companies that are seeking to make even more profit at the cost of skyrocketing prices. Younes Frachine, national coordinator of the Moroccan Social Front, therefore urges the government to combat this type of behaviour: "The government must intervene firmly and forcefully to dissuade speculators who are taking advantage of the difficult economic situation to accumulate profits". Moreover, he considers that they act "without the slightest consideration for the vulnerable class, who are becoming poorer due to the high cost of living".


Precisely in line with these demands of the Social Front, the Moroccan president, Aziz Akhanouch, has urged his cabinet ministers to pay attention to "the various departments affiliated to their portfolios to reinforce the surveillance of the national market, ensure the continued financing of food products to fight speculation and thus protect Moroccan families". Thus, the Moroccan government's efforts have already begun, but the solution will not be easy or quick. The important thing is that the government's actions succeed in alleviating the effects of the crisis as quickly as possible, and the seeds have already been planted.

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